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  • Mc G Mc G Jul 10, 2011 18:55 Flag

    Modric must stay no matter what!

    I think what we are experiencing is unfortunately the way football is being run. This is not something that can be undone overnight. I agree it would be great to stand up to this sort of player power but this has been an accumaltion of things dating back to Jummy Hill etc ( i wont pretend to know to much about that Im only 30! LOL)

    It is a real dilemma. I have a lot of respect for Modric, dont get me wrong. Im the sort of person who likes to think people still have "gentlemans" agreements that they stand by.

    However, Is 22million a mutually agreeable outcome? I dont think so. The problem is we are not one of the big clubs. We think we are but our history of success is from a time when football was run very differently and players played for pride, success and loyalty. (things sadly that are way back in their priorities now.)

    Yes we could hold firm but we are fighting against the current that until new rules come in will not change. Thus we will be cutting off our nose to spite our face.

    I hate to say it but get 30-40+ let him go and move on. I think having him in the crowd will have a very negative impact on the rest of the squad.

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    • good post marc.

      i think bty & remmah are deluded in terms of how rich we are.

      we are run well but arent making a lot. no way can we afford a new stadium & we have to sell before we can spend big.

      we arent in the CL so will have a lot less in come coming in.

      we also have deadwood like keane, jenas, bentley etc costing a lot in wages.

      id love modric to stay because i believe he has our best & most important player. BUT if he wants to go & we get a bid of 35m than we have to let him go.

      my only small hope left is that we can convince him to give us 1 more season to get top 4.

      but the way we are doing in the transfer market its looking more & more like top 6.

      marc,i agree 22m is a joke bid. 35m is par price for him.

    • Marc,of course your right about the way football is nowadays, but do you think by the same token we should let Bale..VDV..Lennon..Sandro go in this window as well, because they are very likely to follow Modric's exit..Again, we cant change the way football's run world wide, but we can control what we do as a club.

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      • of course we shouldnt let all those players go but if we really wanted to keep them then we would show more ambition.

        are transfer activity since getting 4th has been awful & these days top players will leave if they see u have no ambition.

        the writing was on the wall that we werent strong enough for 4th but the club,manager,chairmen did nothing.

        so u cant blame modric for wanting to go to a club who actually want to compete at the top.

    • Marc is right, the root problem is the way football is run except i would say that it is really the way football is owned. It is time we took a leaf out of Barcelona's book - the club is owned by its 190,000 supporters in the city and the board is democratically elected by them. In the States, the Green Bay Packers NFL club is also owned by its fans. Look at Barcelona's record and the Packers's record - both champions - so it can't be a bad way of running a club. In England the clubs are increasingly owned by foreign absentee moguls and crooks. They don't give a fiddlers about the fans nor the effect of what they do on football. Time for a change, folks!