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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 12, 2011 04:58 Flag

    Modric must stay no matter what!

    daft bugger.... no player is left to rot in reserves....... every player has his price... especially when old uncle arry is wheeling and dealing..... your gaffer likes to make a quid or two from player sales....... ask the revenue service!

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    • Remmah, SB, there's no wrong or right here, only opinions and speculation. None of us knows how much cash is available to Harry for transfers or the financial position of the club.
      I suspect its a case of shifting the dead wood. As important as getting new, quality players in is concerned it's just as important to keep your wage budget in check.
      Modric wants to go to Chelsea because the potential for them to win the PL, the CL and all other cups is significantly higher than our potential and because they can double/treble his wages. Which order of priority those are in only Modric can say.
      The reason why Chelsea's potential is higher than ours is because of the players they have. The players they have is a demonstration of their wealth and their ambition. Like it or not, we've squandered money on players that have not come up with the goods and we're still paying their wages. Keane? Pav? Like him or hate him, we actually went to get Arshavin and came back with Pavo!!

      The only possibility of Modric changing his mind is for us to get in 3 or 4 really top notch signings before Chelsea come up with the final £30m+ to clinch the deal. Not an easy task because we are paying the price for failing in the January window by not buying and consequently failing to get 4th. That means no CL to attract the top players and a wage cap that means we can't pay top wages. Why? Because we scrapped our original plans to build a new stadium in favour of chasing the white elephant that is the Olympic Stadium.
      Anyone for a vicious circle doughnut, mid table marshmallow?