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  • oldspural oldspural Jul 12, 2011 19:12 Flag

    Modric must stay no matter what!

    If we are going to be tough and ambitious pay the top players top money, the ones that play more than 3 times a year that is, and build a stadium that will take 50,000 plus, then the top players will come and stay and we might even win something !!!! oh and get a manager that actually thinks spurs are a big club, one who wouldn't buy parker at any price

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    • This could seriously become a never-ending thread!
      I really like 'Arry but what worries me is that Oldspural is right - 'Arry's not convinced that we're a big club.

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      • i agree. we have been poorly mis managed since getting 4th.

        5th spot, modric wanting to leave etc could have all been avoided.

        also they have been very wasteful with the deadwood.

        for example bentley, jenas & keane wages alone cost close to 8m a yr.

        we should have got rid of them at least 2 summers ago.

        thats 16m & probably 24m saved when next summer comes & all 3 are still here.

        we kept them as squad players so of course there value would plummet.

        & dont get me started on the walker clanger last season.

        emberresing to say the least!