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  • CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Jul 11, 2011 23:05 Flag

    Salary cap

    Have to start this thread as I feel if some words are not mentioned about the topic, that it is going to ruin a wonderful game.

    Isn't it about time there is a salary cap on players earnings paid at only the club level?

    They can make what they want from the advertising companies, Nike etc etc but every football club in the permier league should pay only up to 20 thousand pounds a week. If the players revolt and do not want to play anymore then I am sure they can find that sort of money doing a normal job, not.

    It would be financially sound for a club, and it would allow all clubs to compete financially at the same level. If a player wants to move then its going to be to win silverware and not decided by the amount he would get paid.

    Obviously its not going to happen straight away but something that could be grandfathered in with new recruits. This would also make current players want to stick with there existing contracts.

    I understand players do this for there own well being and the well being of the families if they can earn more. Lots of people change employers if they want/can earn more money, however the amount that these players earn is just too much, and is putting the overall game into decline.

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