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    New improved Modric offer

    "Chelsea would pay Tottenham £25m up front, with another £2m if they win the Premier League and Champions League" The Sun.

    I know its paper talk, but win the P.L & C.L! Are they having a laugh? Their ageing squad will be lucky to get 2nd this time around, and Barca already have their name etched into the C.L cup.

    In terms of Chelsea being a bigger club, that is very debateable.

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    • "In terms of Chelsea being a bigger club, that is very debateable."

      you are a prize muppet..... here are the facts:

      prem titles: chelsea 3 spuds 0
      total first division titles: chelsea 4 yids 2
      1st division runners up: 4 each
      fa cups: chelsea 6 spuds 8
      fa runners up: us 4 you 1
      european cup winners cup: us 2 yous 1
      champions league runners up: chelsea 1 yids 0
      league cups: 4 each
      runners up: chelsea 2 you 3

      we have more cups than you both at home and in europe..... and we have been in ascendancy this millenium unlike you..... you are a feeder club selling your best players to united - carrick, berbatoss - while players prefer to come to us over united - robben, mikkel, ballack..... and now your best player wants to play for us..... face it, that's because he is in the know - we are a BIGGER club than you...... come on chelsea!!! come on chelsea!!!!!

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      • OK, 3 premier league titles, well done there. Remove the FA cup runners up, you get nothing for second.

        There is not much in it. Moving away from the history, Spurs are on the way up, Chelsea have an ageing backbone that is on the way down. Hence, you are trying to replace Lampard etc.

        I know you are in the C.L this season which is an incentive. However, surely Modric can see that Chelsea are'nt currently good enough to win any competition bar the League & FA cups.

        Conclusion: Modric is a greedy git that just wants more money. He is not chasing success, as if this was the case, he would go to United over Chelsea.