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  • Jay Jay Jul 12, 2011 17:03 Flag

    Change of heart over Modric

    Hi all you lovely Yiddos.

    2 days ago I was sat in my office telling A liverpool fan and a fat manc (I completly ignored everything that the gooner in the corner said, understandably!) how Modric would stay at Spurs and that everything that Levy had said out the window of his Merc was spot on. I was having none of it and insisted that he would stay and we would put his wages up and we would get back in the CL (Yes I got carried away a bit!). I was hopeful that a truce would be made and we'd all be happy as a Palace fan in the prem.

    Then it happened...I heard that Modders had actually thrown all his toys at Levy and asked for his ball back etc. (we all know the details). Something in my belly started rumbling (may have been the last of the Saussis au sec). If Haye and Klitscho had been in the room I would have knocked the pair of them out with my stapler....I suddenly had flashbacks of Dimitart and Carprick smiling wearing another teams shirt and I had a complete turnaround in my opinion and I felt I had to voice it on the World Wide Howard Webb...here goes...

    F*ck off then you horrible little c*unt. Better men than you have sweated blood for the shirt that you have p*ssed all over with your little rat like features. Go to Chelski and sit on their bench you tw*t, just make sure that the club that we ALL love get a decent price and don't show your face around WHL again. I repeat again....F*CK OFF!

    Phew...sorry about the foul language there everyone but that's just how I feel. I don't particularly care about the politics of Levy and the people who are going to be arguing against me. If we are all honest with ourselves on the basest level I am sure that we all should feel betrayed and a bit narked. I know I'll probably get some stick but sod it. Nuff said.

    PS Thanks for the welcome back messages although my return has not brought us much luck so far! I will if neccesary return to France if that's what it takes I promise. I can do a pretty good mime....Cheers Jay

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    • Listen, I understand all about assets and business acumen.

      Football is somewhat different, unless you are happy to see Tesco V Sainsburys everyweek, while the corner shops all go out of business.

      Or the fans get bored through lack of opposition and the certainty of one or two clubs always winning the trophies. Without the fans youv'e got nothing.

      Enjoy your glory while you can.......empires never last forever.

    • leaving a player in reserves is not an option these days thicko.... when jose, our most successful coach, tried that with gallas - remember gallas throwing a fit and threatening to score an own goal when he was dropped in favour of terry carvalho in the center - he was overruled.... jose had publicly slated gallas' behaviour, stripped him off his favoured #13 jersey and handed it to the incoming ballack and had demoted him to the reserves as punishment for stating in the media that he'd score an own goal...... but management ended up selling gallas..... to a direct rival no less!! the coach is responsible for player commitment, discipline, etc.... but there are greater forces - those in charge of finances - at the club.... and it is never financially viable leaving a player on the bench...... players are viewed by this group as assets.... and you keep usable assets on your books, or you get rid.. there is no point letting an asset sit and depreciate...... that's that then..... modric, our new #6...... up the blues!!!

    • don't know what you do for a living but if I was earning 40 large a week and was offered 160 for doing the same thing duggggghhh what would you do ? don't forget we bought him from someone, he wanted a bigger club and more money its just the same again. get over it and enjoy the footballer we play , once again until we get a ground to take 50,000 + we will be forced to sell players because they will want to move for the money and to play in europe, who's next ? Bale... Lennon...
      Dawson... Vaart.. Huddlestone... DeFoe... frankly it could be ant one or several of them, pressure levy to rebuild the lane, its the only way

    • Can't disagree with any of that Jay. Time and time again we're proved right - that the only loyal people in football are us, the ones that turn our pockets inside out week in, week out, season in, season out.

      I finally accepted that when Andy Carroll, dyed in the wool, born n bred Geordie left Newcastle.