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  • oldspural oldspural Jul 13, 2011 19:40 Flag

    Change of heart over Modric

    don't know what you do for a living but if I was earning 40 large a week and was offered 160 for doing the same thing duggggghhh what would you do ? don't forget we bought him from someone, he wanted a bigger club and more money its just the same again. get over it and enjoy the footballer we play , once again until we get a ground to take 50,000 + we will be forced to sell players because they will want to move for the money and to play in europe, who's next ? Bale... Lennon...
    Dawson... Vaart.. Huddlestone... DeFoe... frankly it could be ant one or several of them, pressure levy to rebuild the lane, its the only way

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      • i think this whole modric saga hurts so much as we have built a good squad , we finallly made the champs league and now we face losing all we have built. its a sign that we are not a real bigclub yet. and one that hurts a lot.

        i dont hold it personally against modric, i understand that the offer of massive wages, CL football and realistic chances of winning things is too much to turn down, but it gutts me he will go as he was a star in our team.

        i personally feel we lost our chances of keep some players and progressing last january when we didnt sign a big name striker. we were desperate for some one to come in and didnt act. and if we had signed someone now then maybe this situation would be inplace . im praying if luka goes then the rest dont follow.