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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jul 14, 2011 14:49 Flag

    Modric......is he the REAL VILLAIN???

    First off....did i spell Villain correctly? Hmm...doesn't look right to me. Ah well.

    Second off....arguably your best player Modric is pining to leave all of a sudden and being extremely vocal about the matter too. Now it hurts when the better players seem to want out of your club, we suffer at Arsenal too don't forget and even United had Rooney begging for the exit door and Ronaldo finding that door in recent times...but....

    Modric has stated that there was a 'gentlemens agreement' with Levy that if a 'bigger club' came in with an offer it should be considered that Modric could be allowed to leave.

    If this is true than can Modric be held in contempt when he was sincere from the start???

    That said....the silly sod should have written a clause in his contract surely?

    I hope Spurs manage to keep him BTW. The likes of Chelski and City waving their magical wads grates a more than a little.

    (eiher that.....or the Modster is sold to Arsenal anyway)

    Who is the real villain in the piece?

    Modric or Levy?

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    • Bombadier? Mais no mon peitit brave - le premier ale est le Harvey's best au le Harvey's brewery dans le vieux ville de Lewes....dacord, aujord'hui, la plume de ma t'ante est dans le porridge.....

      Not bad for 'o' level french 40 years ago......is it that long?

    • Tiss the finest ale that has ever passed my lips John.

      Sold in many a good pub but also available in Morrisons supermarkets (not found it in any other store at time of writing).

      Very nice indeed.

      Cor blimey guvna!

    • I have loved modric since he joined the club, he hasn't been a prolific goal scorer and has missed some easy ones but he is so good with the ball and is an awesome player. Recently however, I think he has been very greedy. If you want to win championships then fine, but take my word for it. Chelsea aren't going to win anything next season. Once abramovic leaves chelsea, they are back to third division

    • Fab,
      I think we see it the same.
      What galls me Fab, is that we've had years to do it 'the right way' - but still train kids incorrectly, thereby making homegrown players less likely to be EPL players, let alone players that other 'foreign' leagues would buy. So we're stuck with being an 'importer' rather than an 'exporter'.
      But why so long in changing it? As long as lower divisions prize strength over skill, then it will stay the same - as the lower divisions should be the feeders for the EPL, not the foreign leagues.

      I don't think 'British' is any worse than 'foreign' per se, it's just in how they're taught. Teach them, and they will play (apologies to Kevin Kostner).

      The snag still then is how that feed works. The lower clubs now lack the funds filtering from the top, so don't have underground heating and good drainage, so play in bogs during the winter - so hoofing it and physical strength are at a dividend. Ditto for the kids game - so you see how it feeds up.

      Maybe looking back on this thread, what I'm really advocating is making the game a summer sport over here - if you want to see an overall improvement in the indigenous skill levels.

      Having said all that, I still don't see why EPL clubs can't 'nurture' their own 'British' players and bring them on - but we see so little of that. A few clubs are renowned for it, but they are the exception (WHU have a good track record - and Utd do pretty well as well).

      Ah, football, all of life rolled into one little, insignificant sport eh?

    • Not heard of that one, Fab, but if it's ale you're so common and unsophisticated!

    • I would agree that the difference is in the coaching John.

      It seems this country has been light years behind the likes of Spain.

      Perhaps it still is judging by the way Barcelona play.

      That is why i believe the foriegn contingent to be better than that of the homegrown (on the whole).

    • Bombadier John?

      Get on the 'Doom Bar'!

    • No player is worth the stupid money paid nowaday's, but if a CL spot is worth £30-£40mil, then if a club has a player they consider the difference to getting in to it, then that should be the minimum amount they should consider letting him leave, because that is the value to the club, so that is in THEIR best interest, not what others value a player at

    • We are a bit pretentious aren't we? Personally, I don't like going in Starbucks because I don't know their words for a cup of coffee and feel all unsophisticated. I prefer a pint of Bombardier to a Bollinger, and would rather have a sandwich than wrap. Does this make me common and uncultured? Probably, but I can't change, any more than you could expect a Frenchman to prefer a nice bit of mousetrap cheddar to pungent French cheese. But you could persuade an Englishman the reverse! I don't know why we're like this, but the myth of the arrogant English is perpetuated in France and Italy and Spain etcetera, when all want to do is be like them and pretend to like their stuff...if you like anything from these shores you're deemed shallow and uncultured...so it's best to pretend and fit in with all the others who are pretending. Which all brings me on to football. If we sign a player whose name ends with a vowel, we automatically think "Wow, bet he's good!". If however his name is Nerkings we just assume he's a clogger from the Conference. I would like to add, last time I was in Paris, the bistros were nearly empty, with the waiters outside practically throwing people in. At the McD's and Burger King the queues were round the block! I fancy a pint now...a votre sante!

    • Fab,
      I don't think that (the athletic vs beer belly) is a direct result of the foreign influx as much it is of sport in general.
      Sport is the opium of the masses - it has changed across the board. Mainly driven by media attention. Sport is glamorised, so needs glamorous atheltic/attractive characters to promote it.

      But if you look back, the foreign influx started in the 70's - so that should mean that we're now into the second generation of homegrown 'talent' that should be competing with 'foreign' skill. But it hasn't changed that rapidly here - as the mentality of the people who ran (and still run) kid and youth teams is strength and brute force over ability. Look at how they talk about even the division below the EPL - they still talk about how the big tough players will do well in that division - well, if that's then the feeder system to the EPL of 'British' talent (as it seems the lower you go, the less the 'foreign' influx had an impact) - then G_d help us.

      Look back at the caps that Hoddle got for his country and compare, say, to someone like Robson. A work horse over an artist.

      So, to me, the problem is as I said, in the coaching. Our players aren't 'bad' in an innate sense, it's just how they've been coached since they were 6. (Plus if you ever watch kids football on a freezing November morning, with 6" of mud, you understand why the British game at that level is based on running around and brute force).

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