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    what is happening already with our midfield

    First Modric ( injured/ want away) and Sandro (out for 3 months) Bale says he wants to go if Modric does. Would VDV stay, I know hes talking up the squad etc
    Can we now afford to sell the dross without getting new blood in. AND there doesnt seem to be any movement on buying new players for any position. No I dont count the 2 new lads, if they've both signed now, being for the current squad.
    So where do the hierarchy go from here? Buy all the OLD players that are rumoured to be on Harry's radar. God I hope not!!!!!!

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    • It's not uncommon in the U.S. to see people walking about in PL club shirts, as I found to my surprise the first time I ever went! I thought most of them were ex-pats like yourself, but a lot were actually Americans who followed the game! I've probably mentioned the Globe Pub in Chicago too many times on here, but I've never got over it...I was an hour and a half off the 'plane and in there watching the Inter Milan 1st leg and the place was heaving with Spurs fans...mainly local and with the passion that is peculiar to Americans...the whooping and chanting of Spurs songs was deafening...even at 0-4! Loads of Tottenham shirts on view there! I'll have a look on youtube for that clip, Ram. If you have a look there is some good footage of the Globe on there to give you a taste of what it's like. I wish 'd taken my camera in!

    • I know the foreign market i live in, HRJ has true Spurs supporters...I know where to go and see a pub full of them on the right day (and you may or may not have seen a video I posted on you tube of a game on the summer tour last season...well, not our game as the grounds officials said I wasn't allowed to shoot any pics due to my kit being "professional", yeah, useless Red Bulls wankers. It was a double header (Spurs drew with Sporting and Citeh were to play the hosts). I left my seat and moved to a better vantage point on another level, and shot some game footage of Citeh...including the first goal by the hosts...as the build up to the game was going on, all you could hear in the background was Spurs fans building up to Spurs Go Marching On. All that to say, yes HRJ, our shirts were sold out, so the fair weather crew couldn't get any to wear as fashion statements...LOL.

      I was on a bus going from Maryland to New Jersey the other week (actually, return trip now that I think of it...I've moved out of NJ)...saw a guy with a chavs shirt on and one with a United t-shirt, something about CL in Russia...now if either of them had seen each other, or at least understood the meaning of the shirts they had on and the irony that the two should be on the same bus, we might have been treated to some classic banter and possibly more depending on how passionate they were...but then I calmed myself by remembering that neither teams have passionate fans anymore (they did once, I'll give them that!).

    • Opinion based on solid facts, Ram. I've been in lots of foreign markets where you see Arsenal, United and Liverpool shirts for sale, but very rarely a Spurs one! I like to think it's because they've sold out!

    • 'pool have a bit more recent history than do Forest Leeds and Villa...they've qualified for the CL every year since year dot except last year when we pushed our way in.

      As for us, we haven't done squat on the continental stage in ages; except last year and a quarter-final finish in the CL isn't going to attract top players; it maybe puts your name out there a little but ask most of these kids playing football right now and they'll reel off the 4 names that always get talked about. I remember inquiries were made by us a season or so ago for Eto'O and much to my chagrin (I liked him before this) he asked "who are Tottenham"; now he might have meant that in a number of ways, but none that I can find as positive.

      I questioned the draw of the CL as far as it being a lure to get new good exciting players when nothing happened during the summer whne we finished 4th (VDV excepted, but that wasn't a planned move, was it!). Who came to Spurs knowing that we were going to be in the CL the following (last) season...Sandro. Good player he turned out to be, but who on here had heard of him when we wrapped up the deal at the end of the previous season for him (the way we did with Modric a few seasons earlier...and I think that's how Berbatov came to us too...now that's when we're thinking ahead...I was hoping this SA CB we bought at the end of last season was going to come through in a similar fashion...seems as though he's not yet ready for prime time.

      Calling CL football in the equation is done to suit the player..."I'm only interested in teams playing in the CL" Then why is it that some of those little teams that no one ever heard of
      aren't in the frame for a big buy...why are no one looking to go to Young Boys for example...it's all a game. Now that we no longer have that carrot to dangle our players (Modric in particular) use the lack of CL and their personal ambitions as an excuse for an escape. Wonder what he would do if given the same situation (tapped up by the chavs) and we making 4th place
      Anyway, they're my reasons for people not flocking to us, then or now. Just my opinion HRJ.

    • im seriously dreading this season i think we are going struggle i can understand arry taking the players we want to sell on the tour the idea being that they will be given the chance to put themselves in the shop window.

      T.B.H i really cant see anybody wanting bentley keane bassong jj not for the money the club is deamanding for them and the players wage demands yes we have one of the biggest squads in the prem but it seems we are now paying the price for years of rash transfer activity and Levy's sometimes rash sackings of amanger seems we get to the last day of the window and arry and levy hit the panic button.

      Take a look at last year trying to sign Charlie Adam right at the last minute when we didnt need more midfielders.

      We have fantastic young talent at the club in bostock dos santos walker rose yet they seem to always get overlooked by arry

      We know the money is there it must be, a good Prem finish and great run in europe last term would have had the pounds falling in so its not a question of money for getting new players in because if it was then levy wouldnt have been running around spain with a bag full of money last season trying to sign a striker bidding 35+ million for them it falls to the clubs wage bill with the huge bulky lot of midfielders lurking at the club.

      So where do we go from here? cut our losses with the dead wood at the club and sell dirt cheap? or keep them while they rot on the bench and in the reserves and there value plumits? or even a drastic measure of releasing them? one thing is for sure we will not sign anyone till the dead wood has been moved on thus leaves us going into the new season facing the same squad weekness so who is to blame? i point the finger squarely at Mr Levy at his constant merry go round of managers over the years at the club each new manager wanting to bring in there kind of players and selling off the old leaving us with a big squad of dead wood nobody else wants fellow yids sorry for the rant but just had to get that one out one thing is for sure drastic measures are going to be needed to turn things around beacuse to keep Modric we need to buy big otherwise its going to be a long season.

    • Point taken about Liverpool's history, Ram, but they haven't looked like a team about to get their 19th title any time soon. Or even qualifying for the CL...until now! Yes it's the money, if it was history Forest, Leeds and Villa would be snapping up players! Last minute strategy...? That's just me trying not to give up before Day 1 of the season!

    • Glad I'm perfect at something!

    • "Decent rant too, I agree about players wanting to go to "ready made" clubs, when with a bit of effort and old-fashioned loyalty they could be a part of a club they have made, which is a bit more satisfying."

      spoken like a perfect m0Ron.... i've been supporting chelsea long before roman came along... and supporting since as well...... and i can tell you that me and my mates find competing on all fronts, winning trophies, and doing doubles a lot more satisfying than being a skint club and perennial strugglers..... now since you have no idea what the other side of the fence feels like, you don't have any perspective on passing judgement or making grandiose statements about which is more satisfying..... good luck, hope you find a decent replacement for modric.... up the blues!!

    • HRJ - maybe its the 18 league titles and a CL championship in modern times...vs our 2 league titles (as we're reminded, in black and white)...and one visit to the CL quarters (and the money being spent...well, tbh, its' the amount of money isn't it..LOL).

      As far as having faith in our last-minute buy strategy...no thanks...

    • I think we are all despondant with what we see as a lack of activity in the transfer window, and it seem's we are doing nothing, but we Are putting in bid's for player's, and will continue to do so..We see Liverpool buying anything that move's, and say, why arnt we buying?, but look at how much they are paying to get these player's..We dont need the like's of Henderson, or Downing, They may be good squad Player's, but Downing, £80,000 a week?. We have invested a lot of money over the last 4-5 years (albeit with a few dud's, Bentley spring's to mind,) but we have maintained a wage ceiling, and that is the main reason we cant get good, proven quality in, and I think we have the habit of getting last minute deal's in, after the big boy's have finished spending, and the selling club's get desperate to get someone of their book's ie, VDV, that's when a bargain can be had, ( and arry never even knew about him ), so as frustrating as it is we should wait and see till the window close's I think we are right to have a controlled spending budget, because I dont want to see us back to pre-Sugar/Venables, when we almost sank...

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