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  • john john Jul 16, 2011 13:46 Flag

    what is happening already with our midfield

    I think we are all despondant with what we see as a lack of activity in the transfer window, and it seem's we are doing nothing, but we Are putting in bid's for player's, and will continue to do so..We see Liverpool buying anything that move's, and say, why arnt we buying?, but look at how much they are paying to get these player's..We dont need the like's of Henderson, or Downing, They may be good squad Player's, but Downing, £80,000 a week?. We have invested a lot of money over the last 4-5 years (albeit with a few dud's, Bentley spring's to mind,) but we have maintained a wage ceiling, and that is the main reason we cant get good, proven quality in, and I think we have the habit of getting last minute deal's in, after the big boy's have finished spending, and the selling club's get desperate to get someone of their book's ie, VDV, that's when a bargain can be had, ( and arry never even knew about him ), so as frustrating as it is we should wait and see till the window close's I think we are right to have a controlled spending budget, because I dont want to see us back to pre-Sugar/Venables, when we almost sank...