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  • super super frank super frankie lampard oh chelsea­ are a team with more than one player, you t0ssas­ will never know what that feels like dont forget you­ money grabbin sods that roman tried to buy your two bob­ outfit first but went for cfc the rest is­ history.......... which you dont have! lets all go to­ the champions league or channel 5 in totnam!

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    • that's twice in as many days that the KGB toadie has emerged from the deeper recesses of Vladimir Putin's rear end. Must be a record but I do hope the daylight isn't too harsh on him.

    • Are you really Frank Lampard? Blimey! What an honour to have you posting on our board! But do you realise while you're doing so, Christine is probably having a sniff of JT's Jockstrap? Never mind. Roman will probably keep you as his plaything until he tires of you.

    • Bale, VdV, Sandro, Lennon, Krancjar, Dawson, BAE, King, Defoe... with many youngsters coming through... Yes! One player! Really? ... And I haven't even mentioned Modric, as we'd do fine without him should he end up selling his soul to the murkey blue of Romans over-priced subbuteo set.

      Yes his FIRST CHOICE when buying was THFC, but we're too big a club, he couldn't afford us and we have too much integrity to sell up to some dodgy oil dealer.

      As for history... ROFL... Too funny!!! Just shows how deluded the money has made you!
      THFCs successes spans over a century of making records. We have true pedigree... whereas you have Pedigree Chumps ;)
      Chelski has sweet FA prior to Roman rule of the last few years. As soon as he's fed up flicking about with his subbuteo toy... you'll be back to relegation dog-fights where you belong and your history truly lies and ... so enjoy it while it lasts.
      Empires fall... True Pedigree lives on.