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  • Old Peculiar Old Peculiar Jul 17, 2011 09:28 Flag

    Pre-Season Friendlies

    How friendly can you get?Kaiser Chiefs are hardly a threat to a Premier side and showed it very effectively.Spurs did not want to score and achieved that "goal" without breaking sweat and then when it appeared they might force a draw they stayed upfield to ensure a friendly result. Luckily I did not see the game live but as a downloaded repeat the fast forward (not a Spurs player) came in very handy. Still first game and very fiendly roll on Tuesday.

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    • I could not watch the game, I have come to this conclusion once again.

      I read the main highlights on Yahoo, it clearly only showed players from our midfield having a shot, AKA the usual suspects from last season, ie. Bale, VDV, Kranjcar... Bentley even.

      This is because these players CAN find the net, unlike the old hasbeen Keane who I respect but the club needs to push on and not take a step back. As for Defoe, neither of these two got a shot in, pathetic. Our midfield completely out-classes our strikeforce. Pavluchenko and Crouch are the definite keepers in my books.

      If not, PLAY NIKO KRANJCAR UPFRONT with VDV anybody? I don't see why we shouldnt.

    • Looked like a serie A game, didn't it?