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    Open Letter to You - the Supporters

    You fans wrongly believe that you deserve the undying loyalty of players like me. When the boot is on the other foot, you are the first to turn your backs on us players if we were to have even a couple of months dip in form.

    Luka is a good friend, a good teammate, and a phenomenal player. He deserves to make the best of any opportunities that come his way, and like me, if you truly appreciated him, you'd let him go without vilifying him. We are just one injury away from losing our livelihoods and being unable to support our families. These days with high intensity trainings and a packed calendar, the average playing career is shorter than it ever has been. Luka deserves to make hay while the sun shines. I hope you all join me in wishing him the best at Chelsea.


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    • Rafael, you the biggest reason me leave.

      You hog of ball.
      You rude to all peoples.
      You wear nice lady panties.

      I no pass you ball any longer.


    • LOL, LOL, LOL. Very funny posts.

    • hear! hear!

      while i whole-heartedly agree about modric leaving, i do not believe for a second that you're vdv.... did you seriously expect the yids to believe you're rafael? i know they're thick, but you are a total muppet for even trying!!

    • Hello,

      Thanks for all the responses. Some of you mistakenly believe the figures quoted in the press for our weekly wages. Our wages are determined over the length of the contract and are subject to several fees, clauses, sub-clauses, and tariffs in addition to the taxes levied by various governments (for us non-English players). Accounting for insurance and other exorbitant expenses, we are not left with as much as some of you seem to think. Yes, of course a professional player makes more than the some of you, but it is not as high as some of the figures you quote here.

      Is it not acceptable that we exploit our talent to make a living? We spend several hours practising, training, and working for every minute spent on the pitch. We subject our bodies to enormous strain and it takes great dedication and will power to maintain sustained levels of productivity on the pitch. Compared to the average job, we put in a lot more, and therefore make more as well. It is also something we can do for a very short period of time. We do not have the guarantee of a living for 40 years followed by a comfy pension. Most of us make what we deserve and who can blame players for trying to take the next step up?

      I know Luka and he is a good guy and a good friend. He loves you and the club and is only asking the chairman to honour their agreement and not betray him. He will fetch us a good price and the gaffer really wants to use the funds to execute on his vision. I hope you join me in wishing him the best of luck and together, let us look forward to an exciting new season!


    • Is this you again, Lamps? Rafa loves us fans and wouldn't patronise us like this. I just think you're bitter because you probably won't get many games if Lucre does go your way, and he will probably get paid more than you, and more than your top mercenary, Cashley. Speaking of Cashley, I think Christine's got the hots for him the way her eyes light up when she talks about him on GMTV or whatever it is. What with JT about I would keep her well away from the Bridge. By the way Rafa wouldn't use an upper-case "V" for van.

    • are we really supposed to belive your the real VDV seriously get a life

    • Thank-you Rafael for making me understand the hard and impoverish life you poor darling's have too suffer, just to entertain us ungrateful, thoughtless rabble..I'm sure I was'nt the only one of the 36,000 odd who were crying over the cornflake's this morning..Just because we scrimp and save to get a season ticket does'nt give us a right to get on your back's if the ball is more than a metre away from you, and you dont go for it. Of course we should realise you could pull a hamstring, or some other career threatening injury, and if you only have a 3-4 year contract worth £5-6mil, how can we expect you to manage..Its not like you could get a job in a factory or on a building site if your career suddenly ended, is it?. I cant speak for the rest of the fan's, but I for one, will try to be more understanding this season...god, I feel so bad....

    • Well said Rafa!
      It is indeed absurd that the fans expect loyalty from players earning a poultry and meagre £40,000 a week EACH.
      What with ticket prices remaining frozen the last few decades at £2.50 a pop, and replica shirts at a reasonable £5.
      I really can't imagine where Mr Levy gets the cash to pay the players

      Imagine as you said... one of you gets injured after just a year, and cannot play any longer. That's just in excess of £2,000,000 in the bank. Not even the national average salary...
      Yes! and all that hard training! And that packed calender... it's almost as if you had to work! And Full-time too!?!
      Bloody cheek of it.
      You have my utmost sympathies.

      Could have been worse though! At least you don't have to put up with that over-rated no talent Lampard and his Deluded Roman emperor .

    • Money grabbing b...stards.Even our "poorly" paid players earn more in a year than I have in a livetime. Only think of number one Dont give a toss for us fans. True modern day outlook on life, especially in this country. end of rant.