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  • ed ed Jul 23, 2011 15:20 Flag

    Who is Joe Lewis?

    so let's get this straight KM - i post an item asking a very interesting question: who is this guy joe lewis who has now been revealed as a secret owner of spurs, a billionaire nearly as rich as abramovitch who could buy and sell the best players in the world for spurs (incidentally KM did you bother to open that link to read it - you do know what a link is, don't you KM? you just point it and click) - i posted that because mistakenly i assumed that some of you spurs supporters might be interested in this information (how foolish, i know!) - immediately i get assaulted by some thug and i respond - and according to you kentish maid this is all my fault! you know what KM, explain that to me, if you can. but you know what, you can't because like too many on this site you are not interested in having intelligent conversations about soccer & spurs. homophobia and racism, yes you guys like to talk about that but not anything more taxing for your brains. so KM go f&@k yourself