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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jul 23, 2011 16:30 Flag

    Who is Joe Lewis?

    Don't patronise me Ed (or Joan since it was she who posted originally).

    Yes, I know how to open a link and I did read the article. It's long been known to most fans that Joe Lewis is the owner of ENIC and has been since they bought Spurs. Levy is the public face, Lewis the money man behind it. I believe that ENIC was set up for the purpose of buying our club, which is run as a business not some personal fiefdom like Abramovich at Chelski.

    The original post wasn't what I was objecting to as you well know. It was your reply to cashable or whoever he is and the subsequent descent into personal insults (and not just in this post but in plenty of others too). There's no call for it and anyone who does so loses the argument, as you did with your final sentence aimed at me. Did I cast any gratuitous insults at you? No. For the record, I'd rather nobody started slinging mud or personal insults, and that goes for the regulars on here, but as this is an unmoderated board alas we sadly have to put up with it or use the ignore or report button if it gets really bad.

    I do object to the homophobic/racist comments but just because I don't post against it or support you when you do doesn't mean I'm in favour of it. If you care to check you'll see I've been against the continued vilification of Sol Campbell on many occasions. Don't tar me with the same broad brush you do others.

    As for your assertion that I'm not interested in intelligent conversation about football and Spurs you clearly haven't read many of my posts.

    Why should I and/or others go elsewhere? We've been regulars on here for many years and you're the relative newbie on here. If you can't take the heat ...