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    • that's me F@ck face! do you want to make something of it? and is that the most intelligent thing you have to contribute to the revelation that there is a mystery owner of your club? no wonder we're in trouble with a d@@khead like you as a fan.

    • Ed, you seem to take great delight in doing what you're constantly castigating others for. You post something to get people to bite, and when they do you don't like the response and in turn you're condescending and/or insulting. It's hypocritical to take the moral high ground as you often do in such circumstances.

      For a long while this board managed to avoid the constant barrage of insults and viciousness found on elsewhere on Yahoo. In the main we have sensible discussion which I hugely enjoy, and while most of the regular posters have differences of opinion for the most part we can usually agree to disagree or concede valid points without resorting to unpleasantness or insults.

      It's sad day to realise that the love we have for our club isn't enough to allow some to rise above such pettiness, and I can well understand why some of the old regulars decided they'd had enough.

    • so let's get this straight KM - i post an item asking a very interesting question: who is this guy joe lewis who has now been revealed as a secret owner of spurs, a billionaire nearly as rich as abramovitch who could buy and sell the best players in the world for spurs (incidentally KM did you bother to open that link to read it - you do know what a link is, don't you KM? you just point it and click) - i posted that because mistakenly i assumed that some of you spurs supporters might be interested in this information (how foolish, i know!) - immediately i get assaulted by some thug and i respond - and according to you kentish maid this is all my fault! you know what KM, explain that to me, if you can. but you know what, you can't because like too many on this site you are not interested in having intelligent conversations about soccer & spurs. homophobia and racism, yes you guys like to talk about that but not anything more taxing for your brains. so KM go f&@k yourself

    • and KM let's trace all this to its origins, when i objected to homophobic remarks leveled by one of your dear 'old regulars' at a black, former spurs player - seems i wasn't supposed to do that. bigotry, intolerance, ignorance they are all fine. well you can keep your 'old regulars' and take them with you to another site. good riddance!

    • Don't patronise me Ed (or Joan since it was she who posted originally).

      Yes, I know how to open a link and I did read the article. It's long been known to most fans that Joe Lewis is the owner of ENIC and has been since they bought Spurs. Levy is the public face, Lewis the money man behind it. I believe that ENIC was set up for the purpose of buying our club, which is run as a business not some personal fiefdom like Abramovich at Chelski.

      The original post wasn't what I was objecting to as you well know. It was your reply to cashable or whoever he is and the subsequent descent into personal insults (and not just in this post but in plenty of others too). There's no call for it and anyone who does so loses the argument, as you did with your final sentence aimed at me. Did I cast any gratuitous insults at you? No. For the record, I'd rather nobody started slinging mud or personal insults, and that goes for the regulars on here, but as this is an unmoderated board alas we sadly have to put up with it or use the ignore or report button if it gets really bad.

      I do object to the homophobic/racist comments but just because I don't post against it or support you when you do doesn't mean I'm in favour of it. If you care to check you'll see I've been against the continued vilification of Sol Campbell on many occasions. Don't tar me with the same broad brush you do others.

      As for your assertion that I'm not interested in intelligent conversation about football and Spurs you clearly haven't read many of my posts.

      Why should I and/or others go elsewhere? We've been regulars on here for many years and you're the relative newbie on here. If you can't take the heat ...

    • I type 'who is edinnyc'

      Eds interpretation 'immediately i get assaulted by some thug'

      it gets weirder

      Ed then types this 'thats me f@ckface'

      hmm id say that was close to be being 'assaulted by a thug' wouldnt you?

      eddie/joannie you really are a bit of a prize muppet aren't you eh?