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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 22, 2011 15:52 Flag

    One pre season goal....

    I am not a Pav (or Crouch) fan so for me he could go anytime. I would however keep Defoe as I think with the right partner he will still knock in his share of goals.

    We will obviously still have the problem of where to play VDV although if Modric does go then that might be solved for us.

    My team would, at the moment be something like

    King (Gallas)
    A N Other top quality striker

    VDV sitting in behind the front two works for me. If Bale gets back to scoring as he was and should plus getting Lennon to be more accurate and take a few, then we should score far more than we did last year. I say "should"!!!

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    • So that's a post Modric line up then Sfer? Like you I think he's a gonner too. Friedel though...well, I know where that's coming from (well documented dislike for the "actor" Gomes). Friedel was at the heart of the 1 goal we've conceded this preseasaon, from what I read...I'm definitely not ready to annoint him our starter yet (see how much Shay Given went for? How come we weren't on top of that?).

      Also don't panic yet...we haven't had the bsuiest of pre-seasons (2 matches 0 goal diff...sounds about right). As for the starstruck, awestruck Americans that Manure are rolling over...I can tell you, we're getting a tougher run out than they are.

      But that begs the question...do you set your team up against a bunch of patsies to boost confidence or do you have them play decent opposition so they know what they're in for over the next 9 months?

      I think the Chavs need both LOL!!

    • I like this line up, even without Modric it looks good. Rose and Walker are exciting young prospects and have a very fast and direct approach to the game. BAE is good but lackluster at times. Pav and crouch are over the hill. The bench is looking pretty uninspired but will do for now.