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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 22, 2011 14:43 Flag

    One pre season goal....

    Am I right in that?? Have we scored only one goal so far in our pre season games? and that against a team that would struggle in League 2!!

    FFS Arry, what more evidence do you want that we are in even more desperate need of a quality striker than anybody could imagine?? I am not sure I can stand another season watching us in 0 - 0 draws or even losing by the odd goal to Swansea.

    Meanwhile Manure are knocking them in for fun!

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    • I think so many of us are too pessimistic, but we should wait and see, because we will be getting new strikers in, although no guarantee they'll fit in, but that's the same with any new player I guess..We should remember this squad (without Sandro and VdV ) got us into the CL and if our strikers had scored their normal quota, I think we would have finished easily 4th and even possibly 3rd..As we know, we did'nt get a striker in the Jan window, but it seem's we were aiming high with the player's mentioned, but didnt have no luck..with the keeper's, well, I dont know why we didnt try for Given unless it was that city wouldnt sell to direct rival, and why arnt we trying for Ben Foster? but Freidel, although getting on is probably a safer bet than Gomez..think how many points he cost us through his mistake's even allowing for the odd one that anyone can make, plus if he gets a little knock, he become's an embarrassment, and I think the player's lose confidence in him....If we can get goal's this season, then I can see us doing well, because as Arse and the Chav's stand at the moment we can match them, and Liverpool are buying good player's but are relying on Carrol to score load's, but his not that good from what I've seen of him, although Suarez look's very good, so their overloaded with midfielder's but no cover up front..so I say wait and see, we'll get our grey hair when the season start's so why start fretting now? COYS

    • Where's Billy Gallas in that team Joe?

      Gio will be sold on 2 August so I read today - that's the day after the Barca sell-on clause expires so we keep all the dosh doing it that way.

      Hutton should be the one to go not Charlie (Villa were keen at one stage), but we ought to keep Bassong as cover for Ledley & Gallas.

      Livermore will probably go out on loan this season - Rangers were mentioned for both him and Bongani (who we now know will go to Reading).

      I'd keep Pav for definite and sell 2 of Keane/Crouch/Defoe and agree we need to get a good strong striker in to give us some clout up front though who is anyone's guess - just as long as it's someone who can fill us with hope rather than despair. 'Arry could also give Harry Kane another chance as he did well v MK Dons the other night scoring 2 goals. We definitely need to keep Niko - he set up Pav's two and Kane's first and scored one himself.

      Jury's still out for me on Pienaar though.

    • Gomes

      Walker/Charlie Dawson King/Kaboul BAE/Rose

      Lennon/VDV Luka/Niko Sandro/Hudds Bale/Gio

      ???/Defoe, I guess

      Based on what we have and that we are being very quite on the transfer front, I'd say these are the strongest we have in each position.

      Either Charlie or Hutton could go, as could Bassong- presuming we replace with stronger.

      Ok I'm no Wilson fan but other than Sandro he's the only other midfielder who can tackle, seeing as we aren't Barca we need to have at least two natural ball winners at our disposal (is livermore ready?) If Wilson was to leave then we could consider Parker, but otherwise I don't see him as an improvement on what we have.

      VDV played on the right regularly for HSV, wherever you start him he roams, however he easily one of our better players and therefore I feel we accomodate him, either as a trequartista- which in my opinion means we need to sign a physically domaneering striker.

      I would keep Pienaar, he's only been with us 5 mins, he had some really good spells at everton and he's versatile, plus he has some of the worst hair in the league! novelty factor!

      I'd sell Defoe/Pav or Crouch if we have suitable (better replacements)

      sorry guys a bit off topic, but I have some catching up to do.


    • ok calm down sfer. its just an internet message board, not worth getting worked up over.

      i agree my suggestion doesnt hold water, none of the suggestions using current players does.

      whatever u do with the current players & vdv, there is a lack of balance.

      i agree iv only put 1 tackler in the side, but i dont know where i said i didnt?!

      where have i put my team is better equipped against the better teams as i have more than 1 tackler in midfield.?!

      all i said is that your team would be too weak defensively in midfield.

      i would still rather gomes than fatty middle aged friedel

    • "If he has a fault, its that he over commits at times, and get,s out of position trying to cover the left back to often" Which, in plain English , means he's crap.

    • Dawson is one of the most committed CBs in the league, and one of the best passers..If he has a fault, its that he over commits at times, and get,s out of position trying to cover the left back to often. that should be where the coaching, and learning comes in, then he'll be as good as any.

    • The fact that it is pre-season should mean that you can ignore pretty much the results, and just focus on how the players play together.

      They wont mind so much how many they score, just that they get through another week without injury.

      In the same way, teams that score loads in pre-season would be wise not to take their pre-season friendly results too seriously as an indication of how well they will do in the season proper.

    • My fellow threader KM will not be happy with that comment, Dawson has been good for us since his injuries, i still think he has plenty to learn and dont think personally as much as i like the fella he is yet England class, but crap no a very good Spurs player who plays with his heart on his sleeve long may he continue.

    • Spurs should grab Adebayor. Harry seems to be able to handle the more questionable characters and get the best out of them. Adebayor would also no doubt relish playing for Arsenals closest rivals too (just to try and get up the Arsenal fans noses . Wouldn't work though. We detest him waaaay too much.)

      Where would Spurs have finished last season if they had had a forward capable of...well....scoring goals?

    • I feel your pain. The season before last we scored for fun, even players like Kranjcar, Bentley would come on and knock one in. Last season it was either us loosing one nil to a bottom of the table club, winning 2-1 just about or 0-0 draws.

      I say let Defoe and Keane go, accept the loss, play Pedroza, Couliby and Gio, at least one of them will partner VDV. Atm, Pav is the only one I'd keep and I'm only 50/50 on him...

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      • add 3 more goals...and one of them from a striker...good heavens could we be turning the corner (ow, my tongue's stuck in my cheek)

      • I am not a Pav (or Crouch) fan so for me he could go anytime. I would however keep Defoe as I think with the right partner he will still knock in his share of goals.

        We will obviously still have the problem of where to play VDV although if Modric does go then that might be solved for us.

        My team would, at the moment be something like

        King (Gallas)
        A N Other top quality striker

        VDV sitting in behind the front two works for me. If Bale gets back to scoring as he was and should plus getting Lennon to be more accurate and take a few, then we should score far more than we did last year. I say "should"!!!