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  • Joe Joe Jul 27, 2011 16:57 Flag

    Rumours Abound

    I heard Affelay (sp)

    A few weeks back now, but we were definately linked. I really rate this guy although a few others on here have poo-poohed him, he's been a good player for at least the last three seasons, Barca signed him for a reason! He's a dutch player with passing range and a touch that you'd expect from a dutch international.

    He has been played on the wings for Barca but there is much more to him, he regularly played in the centre of the park for PSV and had been a first team player for them since he was a wee'laddie!

    As Barca have now signed Sanchez I think Affelay could well be limited at the Camp Pou.

    Because he can play anywhere in midfield, if the 14 year old croatian midget is about to do a runner I'd be chuffed to bits if we secure Affelay.

    Sorry if the last paragraph seems pessimistic (sp), but I'm not convinced Luka will stay! I fear we are only delaying the invietable.

    In all honesty the only players I would want to consider selling (unless stupid money comes in) are:

    ROSE - Only as they need a chance.

    This is assuming Luka is off!

    IMO this list represnts player who I believe we have not seen the best of and who need more opportunity

    Any one else could leave if the money was right, I know some might say that rights off half the squad. We will never get rid of all the expendables! but as we have all ackowledged everyone has their price and personally I think alot of what we have is priced out of the market.

    COYS- I hope my head drops off or this damn headache does one!

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    • afellay would be a great signing!
      he looks very good & is young too.

      also tiago looks like he is going to be the next world class player to come out of the barca academy which means even less room for afellay.

      the 4m quoted is silly. barca could easily get 6 or 7m for him.

      the fact they got him for 3m because he had just 6mths left of his contract is irrelevant.

      we should definitly put in a bid for him.

      i would give gomes 1 more season to prove himself until i saw that Stekelenburg is avaliable for just 7m!

      a top keeper with good experience for 7m is a bargin!

      roma are about to sign him, so we have missed a trick there!

      if modric goes than marin or shairi should be targets as they are both very good prospects!

      mata would be a great replacement but looks like the gooners are getting him at a bargin price.