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  • Joe Joe Aug 1, 2011 15:10 Flag

    Rumours Abound


    I'd probably take £35mil + Sturridge. I know I know it sets a bad president(sp), But I rate Stuirridge and I think Luka's head is well and truely turned!

    Luka is quality, but he is not irreplaceable, we have a strong group of midfielders and there are options out there!

    If he wants to go, let him, get what we can and concentrate on the players who do want to play for us!


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    • I agree. Put 35Mill on the table + Sturridge and, with Modric wanting away, I would take it in a flash. That said, I don't think Sturridge would agree to it.

      I would prefer Drogba and he is more likely to agree to it IMO. In fact, if we are going to let Modric go then lets put him up for auction and see who offers the most instead of just accepting the offer from Chelski. That would be a poke in the eye for the little traitor. Sell him to Galatarsy(sp) for £35M and pack him off to Turkey for a year - that would teach the little plonker. AND we could tell Chelsea to FO!! A bonus.