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  • DEREK W DEREK W Jul 31, 2011 10:57 Flag

    modric an interesting situation

    according to the press chelsea might increase their offer to over £30m.....which Spursw will accept.....modric is unsettled so will he give 100%....and there is another ingredient in the mix.....evidently the lyon midfield ace Pjanic(who is getting rave reports from the scouts) is available for £10m.....should we sell Luka,buy this whizz kid and use the extra cash for more buys.....or should we retain a reluctant Luka?

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    • Retain him. I think I read something on Sky Sports the other day which said Modric has forgotten about his dream to Chelsea and that Redknapp had convinced him to stay for at least one more season.

      Also, Juan Mata. We DO NOT need some weak little player like that. We already have Modric, Kranjcar, VDV and Giovanni Dos Santos as possible playmakers already. The fact that we'd be willing to outbid or "highjack" Arsenal's bid by doing 22m is outragous. These papers really are stupid, why would we pay that much when we struggle to sign 15m for Damiao [which we should have got...] and 15m Vucinic.

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      • Mata would be a great signing as he's got great quality anywhere across the line and would link well with bale, What I dont understand is he has got a 13.5m release clause, so why offer 22m?..Also dos santos is set to go in Aug, and Kranjkar is likely to go if Modric stays, and with Jenus, Bentley, Palacios going if we can find buyers, then that leaves us short in MF, so,Mata..Pjanic.and Afelley would be good replacement's...That and two striker's ( at least ) would give us great chance of CL,.......The latest paper rubbish is that now the chav's have missed out on Pastone, their going to come back with a 40m bid for Modric, and I wouldnt be surprised to see Man u make a bid if they dont get Sneider, so if we do lose him then those players will be ideal, and if he stays they'll be fantastic additions

      • yes also mata is at a CL team & can go to arsenal who are a bigger team than us & are in the CL!

        so why would he choose to come to us.

        its not realistic.

        someone like the lyon player or marin are much more realistic signings (if modric goes).

        id be disappointed if we accepted 30m for modric.

        35m is the going rate for a player like modric.