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  • john john Jul 31, 2011 17:33 Flag

    modric an interesting situation

    Mata would be a great signing as he's got great quality anywhere across the line and would link well with bale, What I dont understand is he has got a 13.5m release clause, so why offer 22m?..Also dos santos is set to go in Aug, and Kranjkar is likely to go if Modric stays, and with Jenus, Bentley, Palacios going if we can find buyers, then that leaves us short in MF, so,Mata..Pjanic.and Afelley would be good replacement's...That and two striker's ( at least ) would give us great chance of CL,.......The latest paper rubbish is that now the chav's have missed out on Pastone, their going to come back with a 40m bid for Modric, and I wouldnt be surprised to see Man u make a bid if they dont get Sneider, so if we do lose him then those players will be ideal, and if he stays they'll be fantastic additions

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    • evidently,according to the sports press,Kevin Bond has admitted that if Chelsea come in with a £30+ bid ,spurs will take it....so we will have to wait and see....personally i think he will go and we HAVE to find a good replacement...

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      • Not quite Derek. IMO Bond was merely giving his view on the saga - albeit one which directly contradicts what Levy said so adamantly said after he and Modric met last month. Levy will look a prize idiot (and that's putting it politely) and lose all credibility if despite his words he sells Modric this window. Even if they do offer £30m (which is just speculation at the moment) would you consider that a head-turning sum, especially given that Carroll went for £35m (on the basis of 6 months in the PL), and Henderson and Jones for £20m and £19m respectively. I certainly wouldn't.

        We have to make it clear that we are not a selling club and remain committed to building the team around our star players - vdV, Bale, Modric, Sandro. If we cave in window after window then no player worth his salt will want to play for us unless it's merely to do a Berbasulk and use us as a stepping stone.

        What part of the words "he is not for sale, to Chelsea or anyone other club" don't the Chavs understand and is there a case for reporting them for tapping up?