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  • Alan H Alan H Aug 2, 2011 15:05 Flag

    joey barton for spurs?

    Parker 31, although always out there giving 101%, maybe 4 million, 80 grand a week.
    Barton 27, professional thug idiot who's got his head down and's playing out of his skin. Available for nowt, maybe 80 grand a week. A big challenge for Harry who could maybe humour him. He's a fan pleaser when he's out there, for me he's worth one more chance even though I've called him worse than shyte in the past.
    H---northern agent.

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    • we dont need him BUT he would be a good signing on a freebie & a upgrade on jenas & huddlestone!

      dont break our wage structure for him thou.

      offer him 60k a wk.

      if he takes it, we get a good midfielder in our side,.

      if he doesnt , than we are still pretty strong in that area anyway.

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      • Even on a freebie I'm not convinced he's what we need nor where he would fit in the squad.

        However, if for some reason we did go for him (and his agent is apparently a pal of 'Arry's!) no way should he be paid anywhere near what our established stars get. Considering he said he'd be willing to listen to ANY offers, if he's serious about wanting to play then IMO he'll happily take a pay cut. And if he does then it's a lesson some of our hard-to-shift players should take on board.


      • Spursbabe, he may be an upgrade on Jenas or Bentley, but Huddlestone I think edges him when he's on his game which he was until he picked up the string of injuries.

        I say it wouldn't be the end of the world either, but I reckon he'd only be useful for our Europa League run and maybe play alongside our youngsters to give them that push and bite they might need. As long as he doesn't bully his way, don't see why not.

        We should be aiming higher, but as Harry has said, it's the money game now. Hopefully we unearth a diamond in that Soulbily kid or that Andro Pedroza? The best that could happen is one of them turn out to be another Hernandez, breaks into the first team and scores 20 goals next season. Fingers crossed, sell Defoe and Keane at cut prices to get them off our wages as well Levy !!!!