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    joey barton for spurs?

    i am reading ,to me,disturbing reports that Spurs are interested in signing Barton.....call me old fashioned but i think he is a thug,both on and off the field....yes,i know that Mackay and roberts were hard....but they were not thugs....i thunk if he wants a hard working midfielder(when IMHO we need two quality strikers)go for Scott Parker.....maybe i am naive in my thinking but personally i don't want Bsrton...

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    • Parker 31, although always out there giving 101%, maybe 4 million, 80 grand a week.
      Barton 27, professional thug idiot who's got his head down and's playing out of his skin. Available for nowt, maybe 80 grand a week. A big challenge for Harry who could maybe humour him. He's a fan pleaser when he's out there, for me he's worth one more chance even though I've called him worse than shyte in the past.
      H---northern agent.

    • I'm with you, Derek. Players who come to the team we all love should be our heroes by definition! There's no way I could ever cheer for that lout in any colours! Let Woolwich have him!

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      • Barton?!

        I can see both sides of this arguement

        He has a very sinister past on and off the field, he's not a nice guy from what I've read and he seems pretty disruptive - fairly damning.

        He is a good player! He passionate, hard working, free. Palacios and Hudds come in for a fair amount of criticism, some of it fairly, they can look like weak links, if either was sold and I know Palacios is being linked with moves away then a Barton or a Parker could be justified.

        I think Parker was the best of a bad bunch last year and that should he leave West Ham, we will get a much clearer picture of weather he's 'all that', Barton whilst being likely to start a fight with his own shadow could make a significant difference to our midfield.

        Is he worth the risk???

        I'm on the fence on this one! too many good arguements on both sides.

        As it happens I think we have ruled ourselves out of centention for Barton.


    • normally I'd say no to Barton, but as a freebie ( not counting wage's ) then I say he's got more mile's in him than Parker, and would be useful in Europa, so we could rest our star's yet have a strong player in the side...Other than that, we dont need more MF as striker's are most urgent, followed by defence..

    • We dont need ANY more midfielders.

      A decent centreback and a decent striker and we are on our way to silverware IMO

    • Who needs that? He seems to have learned nothing for all the chances he's been given. Although I understand his frustration to some extent, with the goons trying to cheat their way through another game!

    • take barton or parker and that would show just what we are !
      if we can't do better than that don't bother, barton just a mindless thug and parker" always gives everything" looked good with a load of deadheads at ammers but can't do it week in week out at the top. he's got nothing to offer regards improving our squad or team.