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  • Not much has been said about the little wide man this summer. I'm here to reinstate how important he is as well. He drills into LB's when he's at his best, and boy does he do it well.

    In my mind, he is just as important as Bale, Modric, VDV, Sandro... Our super midfield, and I say that with truth, is THE best in the premier league atm. Taking into account Man City's squad of new players which won't gel until December, Chelsea's aging squad and Manchester United's aging / unexperienced squad I'd say we make them look shambles in that area.

    We must keep Lennon, he is a fan favourite, just needs his confidence back. And to even consider letting him go to City really makes my stomache turn, he is 10x the man Adebayor is.

    I'm pleading to the Spurs board and hoping that Harry reads this, COYS...

    PS. Bentley + Jenas for Adebayor would be more worth it. :p

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    • No offence taken, of course we dream a lot.....we're Spurs supporters.

    • Yup, just read that Adepop for Lennon...well, let's look at this sensibly...Lennon on his day is fearsome, but as i pointed out a few times before, a lot of teams have figured out how to play him...his signature move, cut back speed forward by the LB is countered by a trailing defender cutting off his cut back move, which usually suckers the LB toward him, now if he cuts back he's got another player in his face, so what does he do? he cuts inside and lays off. Add that to the fact that when he has gotten the chance to go one on one, he's been very reluctant to do so. Do I want to see the back of him, NO WAY...but short of packaging our dead lumber and some cash for a decent striker, he might be the one that draws the short (pun intended) straw.

      My question is, aren't there any other decent strikers out there that we can attract; at this point CL excuses should be moot, most CL teams in the Prem are already stocked and probably don't want to tinker this late in the game.
      Palacios and Crouch to Stoke? Believe it when I see (won't VDV be annoyed that his main source of glory would be wearing red and white stripes?).

      Bale to RM; Modric to Chavski, Lennon to City....even if one of these things happen (for good money or not) we'll have a hard time convincing anyone that we're not a feeder team; a selling club!

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      • Rambro

        "(won't VDV be annoyed that his main source of glory would be wearing red and white stripes?)"

        Depends on who we get to replace the beanpole surely. If we don't replace or get someone who does not fit with VDV then yes he won't be happy BUT if we get someone that compliments him he wil be chuffed.

        Crouch going? Yeah why not. I don't think he is good enough to help us go higher than we are. How many top clubs have shown any interest in him even though they have been alerted of his potential availability by Stoke registering some interest. None of course because they all think the same. I.e. not good enough.

        I have read a bit on here lately about Pav being first choice next year - Why? he is obviously not on Arry's Xmas card list otherwise he would have been 1st choice a lot more than he was last year. Plus, I have not seen anywhere near enough from him to make me think he is the answer to our prayers.

    • If we lose Lennon, we lose one of the most feared right wingers in the country. OK, he was out of nick towards the end of last season, but that was temporary. The lad has pace, skill, two good feet and is interchangeable between the two wings. He takes defenders out of the middle and is one of the players that make Spurs the exciting side they are. I can't believe that it's possible we could be dismantling a great entertaining team and could end up back in mid-table or worse if we don't get players in! Lose Modric, Bale and Lennon all in one go would be unthinkable...please don't let it be so! COYS!!

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      • I really don't agree with selling Lennon, the guy is still only 24 and with the disjointed way we completed last season it's amazing anyone of the squad could hold his head high and claim to have played their best game.
        He is one of the best wingers in the league and it would be folly to think of selling/exchanging him for a striker. Defoe and Pav are IMO still a effective strike force, as i've read here before, one bad season does not mean they are now useless. Keane hasn't been the same since returning from Liverpool, Crouch unfortunately just has his size and some defenders still have problems with it.
        One striker, maybe Samba, one midfielder, maybe Barton and a central defender, maybe anyone of many, and our squad would be good enough.
        But we must retain our best players, VDV, Modric, Bale, Dawson, Pav, Defoe and of course Lennon.
        If we'd scored just 7 extra goals, in the right games, last season we'd have completed my dream.
        Finishing above the Arse......COYS

    • I would think this is just paper talk as there's no way we can match Adebayor's wage's, plus he want's to go back to RM and Mourinho seem's keen on his return....Liverpool were linked to Lennon earlier in the window, and £20m was bandied about as the asking price...If Spur's could get either Mata of Afellay, then maybe I could see us letting Lennon go, though I would rather we kept him and added those player's to give us greater quality and strengh in depth...The other thing today is we are supposed to have made a £10m bid for Samba, with any one of Daffy, Keane, and Bentley as part of the deal, while Stoke are thinking of a £16m double deal for Crouch and Palacios, so Im presuming we must have replacement's pretty much near to agreement, unless we're going to sell first then panic buy ( god help us ) The other thing that seem's to be happening, is that arry seem's to have very little imput into pursuading player's to join us, as Levy seem's to be doing all deal's, just like VdV, when arry was as surprised as the rest of us when we got him, so I think arry say's we need 3-4 player's, give's Levy rough idea of who, then leave's it to him very simular to Abramovich at the chav's Ie Torries, and now Modric clearly targeted by the owner rather than the manager. maybe wrong, but it's anyone's guess what's happening behind the scene...COYS

    • I have mixed feeling about your points Emilie,

      Firstly I can see the good and bad points on Ade (he's a trouble maker, but he's a better player than any of our current strikers) But why oh why would Citeh even entertain selling or swapping him for Jenas and Bentley? are they in dire need of english players, because neither of them would get anywhere near the citeh midfield!

      Lennon! well yes I love him as well, but he was playing inside himself alot towards the end of last season and at times seemed reluctant to bomb past the opposition left back, favouring drifting inside more, ok he scored a few from doing that but, we all want to see him terrorise the left backs.

      If Lennon went to Citeh and we got an Affelay, Adam Johnson as a replacement, I'd say we need to consider that. but I'd rather keep him and strengthen, rather than let him go to a rival.


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      • Whilst I would like to keep Lennon I am not his greatest fan. Flashes of brilliance (in most cases that is purley down to speed) are not enough.

        Far too often he is either a shadow of what we know he can be OR he runs past the LB and off the pitch OR he gets past the LB and then wastes the ball with a very poor pass. His left foot is suspect, his passing his not great, he can't head the ball and he is not fantastic at defending.

        As I said, his occassional runs, crosses and goals are worth keeping and if we could get him to think when he is in a position to cross the ball and make him believe he can get past the LB anytime he chooses then we would have a really great player.

    • I totally agree!
      I was shocked to read that Harry wants to swap our Aaron for Adebayob... I hope it's just more tabloid BS fodder!
      Lennon is really our only natural right sided midfielder. Bentley is permanantly on the sidelines, HR doesn't like Dos Santos and frozen him out completely... Who else is going to be our danger man on the right?
      And today I read that Real Madrid are renewing their interest in Bale! With Mourinho determined to get him.
      So all our pace is seems on the line according to tomorrows Fish & Chips wrappers.

      I believe we have the best midfield in the PL too!
      But in our inability to strengthen our weaker areas, our strongest qualities will suffer greatly. And then it's back to square one.

      I too can't stand Adebayob! But If we're not going to get a quality proven striker in, then maybe he's our only option.
      But even then, not at the cost of Lennon!!!

      I really cannot fathom what is going on at THFC every transfer window. We're a joke! I sometimes think either Harry is losing the plot and run out of ideas, or simply is way out of his depth once he's reached a certain level.

      I just don't see us progressing any further.

      I very much hope i'm later proven to be just overly pessimistic and a complete doom-merchant, I just get frustrated when I see clubs like Sunderland, Villa, Stoke improving massively whilst we Phaff about like headless chickens.
      Seriously need Levy and Redknapp to pull out a couple of masterstrokes before the end of the window. Otherwise this time next year... our first choice midfield will be Jenas, Bentley, Palacios, Pienaar........ *Shudders*