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  • Thank you Kentish Maid for pointing that out for me, even without your help i think i made a big enough fool of myself. That'll teach me to post without previewing my messages.
    Anyhow we have a good squad, i believe Defoe and Pav will be there and doing the buisness come the match against Everton.
    Rumours will always be banded about by agents, papers, web, etc. All we have to believe in is the squad come the first game of the season and that Levy/Redknapp will do everything possible to get the right players in the squad before that day arrives.....COYS

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    • No offence intended Trevor, sorry if you took it that way.

      We do have the core of a good squad but if we don't improve in areas where we were clearly lacking last season I can only see us treading water or maybe going backwards.

      Saturday's game v Bilbao should hopefully be a positive indicator of our intentions for the start of the season proper.

      Mind you, wouldn't it be great to bring in a couple of strikers and a CB who fit in to the side seamlessly from day 1! Stuff of dreams ain't it.