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  • Hi Maid, i'm hoping to pick your brain.
    I don't actually know that much about Harrys court case, i believe it's to do with not declaring money recieved from transfers while at Portsmouth. I may be completely wrong.
    What i really would like to know is your opinion on whether we could lose our manager half way through the season, due to him being found guilty and locked up?

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    • Haha, not sure my brain's worth picking Trevor.

      I don't really know the specifics of the case either but from what I've read he's been charged with two counts of cheating HMRC out of about £40k following Milan Mandaric allegedly paying him money via a Monaco bank account while he was manager of Portsmouth.

      The most recent postponement of the case is frustrating because it would hopefully have been done and dusted before the season started and we'd know whether or not we have to find another manager. Not exactly the best preparation for a new campaign, but better now than part-way through the season.

      The case has been dragging on for a while now and it's unlikely HMRC will drop it, but if they want to make an example of him when it finally comes to court then my guess is they'll push hard for a prison sentence. Whether they get it of course is another matter, but it will have far more impact later in the year on the club, the players and morale in general than it would now.

      I know there are those who are in the 'Arry out brigade but I really hope it doesn't come to that. He may have his faults (what manager doesn't) but continuity is key and I hope he'll be free to carry on once it's all over.

      Of course all this is only my opinion. What's your take on it Trevor?

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      • Just hope the judge isn't a gooner, KM!

      • I'm certainly not an 'out 'arry' supporter and to be honest, i don't want to lose Harry now or any time soon. In the 2/3 seasons he's been at the helm Harry has got our squad to perform to a more exceptable level than Ramos did.
        I hope the HMRC don't give him a custodial sentence whether he's found guilty or not. If they do , i think you're right and morale will suffer. Of course even if he does continue managing us afterwards he may well leave anyhow when Cappello vacates the England job, but hey this is all speculation until he's gone i'm happy Harry's with and not against us.