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  • Joe Joe Aug 9, 2011 10:45 Flag

    transfer deadline.....anoyther cliffhanger

    Cynical indeed SB!

    I can't help but agreeing though! I would love to hold on to Luka, but I have little faith, in him being with us come 1-9-2011!

    Llorente looks ok! but I'd agree Gyan/Odenwingie would be much more realistic.

    I'd keep Hudd, despite his flaws, his passing can be awsome! I have heard that Palacios is on the move to Stoke, with Sandro being injured we are limited of (holding) central midfielders.

    Trevor- Las Diarra would be a very pleasing signing, I'm not sure he'd come if I'm honest, he made alot of noise whilst at Pompey about wanting to be a a huge club like Real, I can't see him making a move, especially as I imagine he would have to take a significant pay cut?

    But, Yes Trevor a good looking 11, I'd like us to look at another keeper, Friedel is consistent but he's 40! and we need to look at developing someone in that position IMO. I have seen Akinfeev a couple of times and I have always been impressed, I'm not sure if that would be realistic, but he should be looked at.

    COYS -