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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Aug 6, 2011 13:12 Flag

    Bilbao game

    If yer not going to the game its live on telly itv4 1715

    Blooming marvellous with cheese on top

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    • im suprised so many people like hudd.

      all he can do is hit the old good long pass or cross.

      he is so unfit & has shown no motivation to get into shape & become a more mobile CM.

      he is just another mid table player on our books im afraid.

    • Interesting point, but I think it depends on the type of opposition your playing. Bilbiao play like a typical Spanish team, short, sharp passing, and Huddlestone as the holding defensive midfielder was totally inaffective as they moved him all over the place, so in my opinion it's better too have more skillful player's such as Krankjar and Modric so we can play a simular game and work hard as a team to close space and wait for their play to break down, then launch our own attack, but I dont think you could play them both as your central midfield against most PL teams as they would be over powered by hard running, powerful midfielders, so Sandro, or Hudd's is a must as long as they can use the ball once they get it...Huddlestone has disappointed me recently as his mobility leave's a lot to be desired, he just does'nt look fit enough, so Diarra would be great if we can get him to reduce wage's ( most unlikely )...I think BaE has developed into one of the best defender's in the league, although I rather he put the ball in row z at time's in stead of twisting and turning in our own penalty area, but it show's the confidence he has, and I must admit I love to see that kind of play ( sure get's the blood pumping } but time and place come to mind.

    • Lts,
      My son and I were saying that watching the game. The concept of a 'hard hitting' midfielder is a bit overplayed IMHO. As long as the players have good positional sense and can break up the play, you don't need to jump in like Palacios. Didn't BAE prove that last season as well by getting in more interceptions than any other FB?

    • Having not seen the game - Due to Bestman duties (scary as hell) - I had to give my tickets away!

      I'm excited at hearing Niko and Luka played in midfield together, was one of them wide, a la croatia? or were they both central? , in wich case was Niko the more defensive, despite being less mobile?

      I have often willed Hazza to start them both as central midfielders as it allows us to accomodate the players with the most ability, however I can acknowledge it leaves us vulnerable defensively! - interesting idea though.

      Is Llorente realistic? I know he's Bilbao born and bred many exciting players they have brough through have stayed at the club there whole lives. Is Bilboa the club which will only play players from their region of spain or did that end a while ago?

      Sounded like a second half full of promise?!


    • Been reading these comments and am really surprised nobody else has picked up on the Modric and Krankjar midfield combination in the second half. I thought it worked really well and Nico did some really good defensive work as well as joining the defence with the attack. Harry could do a lot worse than playing the 2 together whilst Sandro is injured.

    • agreed about dawson, he needs a leader/organiser like king beside him or else he is all over the place.

      & i wish he would realise he isnt paul scholes with him distribution.

      play it simple if u can or clear it mr dawson.

      i thought it was typical pav really. falling over & adding nothing.

      dont worry, he will do that for 5 games & then pop up & score a long ranger & then all will be forgiven by harry.

      bassong,jenas,bentley,keane all need to go asap.

    • Phew - you're reinstated ;-)

    • I'll be watching, sweet buns.