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  • john john Aug 9, 2011 12:32 Flag

    Bilbao game

    Interesting point, but I think it depends on the type of opposition your playing. Bilbiao play like a typical Spanish team, short, sharp passing, and Huddlestone as the holding defensive midfielder was totally inaffective as they moved him all over the place, so in my opinion it's better too have more skillful player's such as Krankjar and Modric so we can play a simular game and work hard as a team to close space and wait for their play to break down, then launch our own attack, but I dont think you could play them both as your central midfield against most PL teams as they would be over powered by hard running, powerful midfielders, so Sandro, or Hudd's is a must as long as they can use the ball once they get it...Huddlestone has disappointed me recently as his mobility leave's a lot to be desired, he just does'nt look fit enough, so Diarra would be great if we can get him to reduce wage's ( most unlikely )...I think BaE has developed into one of the best defender's in the league, although I rather he put the ball in row z at time's in stead of twisting and turning in our own penalty area, but it show's the confidence he has, and I must admit I love to see that kind of play ( sure get's the blood pumping } but time and place come to mind.