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  • Nick Nick Aug 9, 2011 08:04 Flag

    Tottenham burns!

    Yeah there is always someone else to blame other than themselves isnt there.

    Amazing how robbing shops and burning peoples homes to the ground is justified because these people feel hard done by????

    I'm sorry but with the UK everyone gets the same opotunities as everyone else in this country infact there is far more money and schemes poured into the so called poor areas than others, but the people are far more interested in doing what we have seen the last few nights than taking up whats offered to them to help them, and the areas are not poor they are just turned into a sh.t hole by the mindless twats who live there.

    Where I live its just as poor, with just as high unemployment but we have the self respect not to ruin where we live, we understand the saying that you dont sh.t where you eat.