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  • Joe Joe Aug 9, 2011 10:26 Flag

    Tottenham burns!


    That is actually a very interesting article, so thanks for that, but the way you choose to make your points is only ever going to get one reaction-ie: a bad one! therefore you do very little to evoke empathy for your arguement even though some of your points are worthy of consideration.

    The IPCC will do their jobs in due course, if a police officer has acted unlawfully they'll be exposed, the IPCC are unrelentless in ensuring the police act in a morrally sound way (or at least appear to)- in some case at the expense of allowing the officers to act logically without fear of reprisal.

    This sort of behaviour cannot be justified (imo), it won't be long before the nuckle dragging, neolithic far right will dine out on these images for years, using them to further devide our communities.

    These are just opportunists, looking to jump on a band waggon.

    Total curfew! no one on the streets after 8pm? surely it has to be an option?!