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  • Sfer Sfer Aug 14, 2011 14:04 Flag

    Tottenham burns!

    As I said, there is no one reason for all of this. There are loads of reasons built up over a long time and consquently there is no one answer and it will take even longer to rectify BUT that will only happen IF there are some very big and brave decisions made.

    Personally I don't for one minute think those decsions will be taken because the PC brigade are now too heavily part of our society. The decisions would involve hurting some peoples feelings and the PC's and the experts on Human Rights would be shouting from the rooftops.

    So, we will talk about giving the needy more money, trying to help them find jobs (even though they don't actually want to work) - and before you say anything I have worked in Recruitment for the last 20 years and I have seen so many oiks come in and pretend they want to find a job just to keep their social worker happy and so that they can keep claiming it makes me sick - and all the time the situation will get worse.

    Blame who you like but the fact is we have 3 or 4 generations of illiterate, selfish, greedy, parasites who are largely beyond help and therefore things are not going to get better. As I said, I will be well gone before it gets to the situation where the cost of "looking after" these mindless thugs is higher than the tax paying people can afford but its my kids I worry about. Perhaps I could persudae them to come and live with me in a country that still knows right from wrong and where people have some respect for each other rather than how big your gun is.

    Depressing I know but I live in the real world not in some fairy land where everybody, no matter what race, gender, class, religion or level of education, gets along just honky dory with everybody else. Its a recipe for disasterthat is only just starting to show how messed up it is with ghettos and no go areas. Its going to get worse, a lot worse, in my opinion. Sharia Law WILL be effective(if it isn't already) in some areas sooner than you think and the police and the poiticians will be powerless to stop it.