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  • Large parts of Tottenham have been burnt to the ground by rioters, a police spokesman has claimed that after the total damage has been assessed, it could come to as much as twenty pounds!

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    • This is no time for sick humour!

      What started as a peaceful protest was hijacked by others with a wider agenda and as a consequence innocent people have lost their livelihoods and homes. I doubt those who escalated matters will feel sorry or have any sympathy for the people whose lives have been destroyed. It could take years to restore community relations in such a deprived area of London and I don't envy those that task falls to.

    • of course it doesn't matter to you reactionaries that all this was caused by the cops murdering an innocent boy - but then he was black, wasn't he, and to you scumbags that doesn't matter, does it?

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      • These people don't know why they're doing what they're doing until some stupid wet apologist tells them. Up until then it just feels good to hurt, maim, and burn out innocent people. And profitable. Now they can feel justified because the lefty weirdos have put the words into their mouths that they hadn't thought of themselves. This is more akin to what happened in Germany in the 1930s than any form of protest. And we get people more or less giving it their blessings? Nazis.

      • "cops murdering an innocent boy". What facts do you have to back up that statement Ed?

        And you call us reactionary and scumbags! It seems it's pointless trying to reason with you since you've clearly already made up your mind about it.

        Our responses to the original post were because somebody poked fun at those who've had their lives and livelihoods destroyed by wanton acts of vandalism and violence through no fault of their own. Have you no sympathy for them, and do you also condone the rioting and looting in other areas of London, organisers of which used this incident as an excuse for causing mayhem?

      • Or an armed drug dealing gang member who had been watch for some time because of his criminal activity was removed from the streets perminantly.

        All depends how realistic you want to be.

    • Roy. No mate. Not funny at all.

    • Oh stfu ed. Labour made the mess, Tories cop the flack.
      There is NEVER an excuse to do what is happening.
      All that is happening is Total and utter crime.
      But you morons seem to forget that you will all be moaning that there are no public services left and the prices have shot up and there are less jobs. All because of this pathetic bunch of scum wrecking everything. The money will come from councils, insurance firms to fix some of it, so up go council tax rates and insurance premiums along with utilities because of the repairs. The list goes on. So far, 30 businesses have gone to the wall because of the rioters buring them to the ground. So more people on the dole.
      Well done. how proud the scum must be., now wait for the 6am riot squads to raid them as the CCTV coughs out face after face.

    • Yeah there is always someone else to blame other than themselves isnt there.

      Amazing how robbing shops and burning peoples homes to the ground is justified because these people feel hard done by????

      I'm sorry but with the UK everyone gets the same opotunities as everyone else in this country infact there is far more money and schemes poured into the so called poor areas than others, but the people are far more interested in doing what we have seen the last few nights than taking up whats offered to them to help them, and the areas are not poor they are just turned into a sh.t hole by the mindless twats who live there.

      Where I live its just as poor, with just as high unemployment but we have the self respect not to ruin where we live, we understand the saying that you dont sh.t where you eat.

    • Ed,

      That is actually a very interesting article, so thanks for that, but the way you choose to make your points is only ever going to get one reaction-ie: a bad one! therefore you do very little to evoke empathy for your arguement even though some of your points are worthy of consideration.

      The IPCC will do their jobs in due course, if a police officer has acted unlawfully they'll be exposed, the IPCC are unrelentless in ensuring the police act in a morrally sound way (or at least appear to)- in some case at the expense of allowing the officers to act logically without fear of reprisal.

      This sort of behaviour cannot be justified (imo), it won't be long before the nuckle dragging, neolithic far right will dine out on these images for years, using them to further devide our communities.

      These are just opportunists, looking to jump on a band waggon.

      Total curfew! no one on the streets after 8pm? surely it has to be an option?!


    • here we go again ....right wing neolithic fascists....all the same old diatribe......the simple truth is they are scum that use any excuse to riot ,burn,loot.....and use the convenient excuse of colour discrimination to justify.....since when did righteous protesters burn,injure and loot.....typical left wing political rubbish defending them......a convenient excuse....other people.indigenous people are suffering ,but we don't use that as an excuse to steal and burn...

    • Going on the words of ed, we should assume that it will now be the turn of the shop/home/car owners who have had their lives destroyed (in many cases to go to the homes of the scum and burn their homes down.
      I dont think this will happen. Mainly because despite the loss many poor people have just experienced at the hands of these rioters they themselves have too much compassion and concideration for society to cause such chaos.

      In conclusion there is no excuse for the scum to act as they do. Many have probably never attempted to get a job, thus ever paid or contributed to our society in any way, other than most likely to fund the growing drug trade.
      Criminals plane and simple. Give police more powers to use more force.

    • ed, whats all that got to do with burning down peoples homes.

      & these arent rich peoples homes, these are other poor people in the tottenham area!

      this country is a mess & as always the rich get richer & the poorer get poorer.

      the MP's are corrupt & just out for themselves.

      BUT burning downs poor peoples homes is not a commandable act!

    • Had to laugh heartily at the 'Torys cop the flack' .

      You can tell the Tories are in town!

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