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  • Large parts of Tottenham have been burnt to the ground by rioters, a police spokesman has claimed that after the total damage has been assessed, it could come to as much as twenty pounds!

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    • Triple dip.

      GET IN!

    • Triple dip.

      GET IN!

    • Which immigrants ? You mean the Sikhs, Jamaicans, Pakistani's, other people from Britain's colonial days, Poles, Russians,etc, who work 10 times harder than the 'natives' ? There are lots of jobs in the rest of Europe . Ah, of course, you have to learn another language.

    • " was working in the City at the time, and the accountants had predicted that it HAD to " Did they ? I never saw that . The only people making huge profits from the misery are the bankers , and people working in the financial markets. Scumbags all of them.

    • Lol pixie

    • We agree on one thing :p the county is being screwed Government after Government.

      We really do need change, For the better.
      We need to tell the EU to sod off, and take it's HR Act with it, Sort out this Health and Safety lark so people can do their jobs Properly.
      We need an Aussie Style System for the UK Borders.
      We need to dump the Quango's and get back to basics in all areas. And throw out those who shouldn't be here.
      Until that Happens, we are screwed.
      I cant, sadly, leave England, many are.
      But then I will miss My Beloved Spurs.

    • The recession was the result, as now, of Labours mess.
      I was working in the City at the time, and the accountants had predicted that it HAD to
      come because of the Huge debt left by Labour.
      You can check on the Success of the Thatcher Government. It will say that She passed on a Healthy and strong economy and no world leader would argue with her.

    • The Conservatives had their 'innings' and screwed us BIG time also. Thatcher built 'a very strong Britain'??? You having a laugh?
      I seem to recall her leading us into recession and destroying all our industries myself.

      I'll grant you one thing though....she liked her weapons of war.

    • I never thought for one second that you were an old Etonian Dale.

      That is what amuses me. A working class Tory always makes me chuckle and feel very sad at the same time.

      Sorry to hear you are not well. Extremely sorry to hear that actually.

      The NHS may not be on a par with private healthcare Dale but it has improved no end under Labour. You were fortunate enough to be able to afford to go private. Think of those who cannot. The Conservatives wouldn't.

      As for the voting system. The country needs change. We had a chance to make a change and did not. While the system may not have been a perfect one at least it would have been heading in the right direction. Away from the dinosaurs.

      I have lived through previous Tory governments. Where those that had money were fine and those that didn't REALLY suffered. I saw the Tories lead the country into recession lead by an INSANE woman (ask Tebbit) who took us to war just so she could stay in power. Who ignored the Irish problem and indeed made those people suffer also. Who destroyed this countries industries and turned us into the worlds arms manufacturer.Who upon being ousted went to work for a cigarette company. Oh how she cared for this countries people!

      I think Labour are as bad BTW. I am no Labour supporter either.Blair is every bit as power hungry as Thatcher ever was. In fact i don't know who i would support truth be known. I know one thing though. This country is being f*cked over on a merry go round between Labour and Tory and the citizens are either too blind or too stupid to see and to care.

    • Hmmm, Ed Milliband said in the papers today that it stems from HIS Parties Policies over many years.
      It has Nothing todo with Thatcher.
      Her Years were spent rebuilding the Mess Left by Labour yet again.
      She built a very strong Britain. Labour blew the lot. Under Thatcher we could protect the Falklands and all the Wars at once. Labour ended that when they had blown the kitty.
      So stop blaming Thatcher, Labour had 4 innings and screwed us BIG time.

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