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  • Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Aug 8, 2011 20:16 Flag

    We've gotta lower or squad/wages

    We have an over abundance of midfielders and some squad players that aren't required any longer. Our strikers are failing to do thier jobs and it can't continue.
    With this in mind i suggest we sell, at reasonable prices:Bentley, Jenas, Keane, Pavlyuchenko, Palacios, Hutton, Huddlestone and retire King.
    When all are sold it should be no problem buying Diarra, Samba, Ruiz and Llorente. Unless Levy can afford them now then no probs, just sell off the dead wood afterwards.
    Thus a lower wages bill and a streamlined squad, still with replacements in each position. What do you think?

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    • we have been saying this since last summer trev.

      but levy wants unrealistical amounts of money for our average players who are in big wages.

      these players are refusing to take a wage cut so we are stuck with them.

      which other club would give keane 60k a wk!

      levy is paying for bad management of the club over a yr ago.

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      • We have needed a cull for at least 3 years!

        I'd agree with you Trevor, with all but Hudds, I think he has a role to play with us. However if we sign Diarra and we keep Sandro then yes even Hudds could go, but I think he can play a bigger aprt than most of the others on your list.

        Pav is a weird one, the guy can score some superb goals, but can also be missing for weeks on end! mind you, he was better than Defoe last season! who I fear we have seent he best of!

        Is Scott Dann available? if he is, we should be having a peek!