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  • me me Aug 9, 2011 15:35 Flag

    Palacios- off tut Stoke

    Palacios was a rubbish signing, sure he did his best to break up play but he was a shit passer and weak on the ball. So many games were lost on his inability to retain the ball in crucial areas of the pitch. Good riddance, Diarra is the perfect replacement...

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    • yes diarra will b ean upgrade of wilson.

      but how do u fit diarra,sandro & modric in to the 2 CM positions?

      thats why wilson is a handy back up sub.

      u have to play modric so that leaves the 1 DM position to either diarra or sandro.

      i personally prefer sandro & would hate for him to drop out the team to accomodate diarra.

      i cant see us paying 15m for diarra to be back up to sandro.

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      • If we do bag Diarra, which would mean he takes a huge wage cut, and the fact that he is SECOND to our Sandro in the first team line-up for DM.

        Redknapp shouldn't make him first choice, but if worse comes to worse with dillemas, we do still have Livermore, Huddlestone, Jenas who are all fairly tall/big lads who could hop in and do the defending in midfield.

        It wouldn't be the end of the world, quite frankly we NEED to offload Keane and sign one more striker.