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  • Joe Joe Aug 12, 2011 11:50 Flag

    The Opener is Postponed


    I've been looking forward to this weekend since the end of last season. It makes sense though, as stated High Road is a huge crime scene.

    I didn't think Everton and Liverpool had major rucks these days? I know its very unusual to have rival teams play on the same day, however these are unusual circumstances. I think it would have sent a great message if the Police had sanctioned the game at Goodison. The Police, Everton fans and Our fans could then all lead a peaceful demo in condemnation of the looters and rioters, I think that would have been very powerful.

    Not that I condone violence in any way, but could you imagine a group of rioters taking there chances against Everton and Spurs fans? surely they aren't that stupid! I don't think football fans would be at risk of attack.

    The United game will be a real test! we played well against them last season and if not for some stupid mistakes by unnamed goalies and the obligitory wonky official I think we may have got something, I 'd like to think we can get a point off Manure, but it will be tough!

    Gutted that the actions of a few mindless morons has impacted on so many. My thoughts are with those who have lost significantly more than a football fixture.


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    • I see what you're trying to say Joe but doubtful there'd be enough time to get safety concerns, policing etc sorted - let alone tickets for Spurs fans to actually go to the game.

      If potential rioters decided they wanted to take a pop at any one of 4 sets of fans then the result would likely be far worse than what happened down the High Road last weekend. For that reason alone I'd guess the local police wouldn't allow both team to play at home on the same day.

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      • Yeah point taken KM-

        Maybe a lttle bit of an idealistic proposal, but form some of the converstaions I've had with friends of varying football persuasions, there is universal condemnation of the rioters and looters. Most people are disgusted!

        This weekend seems to be coming to soon for us to lead this sort of demo, but it would have been a great thing to see and I for one would put any club rivalry to one side to make such a point.

        I'm sure a football group somewhere will do somthing similar to this and my hat will go off to them if or when they do.

        Still gutted, but more annoyed with midless idiots than anything else!