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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Aug 12, 2011 14:11 Flag

    fabs gone

    fabragas has signing for barca, clichey went to city and nasri looks next. is this where the arse fall down the pecking order??

    bendtner is on his way too , but thats a good thig for them and a bad thing for us lol

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    • Awsome, no...good, yes ;-)

    • Absolutely, awesome banter!



    • Tutt.

      What is life if one cannot dream 'KM'?

    • Sitting down and laughing my head off at you and your delusions Fab.

      My beloved Dawson (who will never be replaced in my affections) would never consider playing for the dark side.

      Like I keep saying, dream on!

    • proof just read the end of that post,

      how dare u even mention the great man that dawson is. the arse would give their right bollock to have a man with passion and skill, speed and stamina , and not to mention hes hard as nails. no chance he would ever look to the dark side for a game.

      i know its hard for u to admitt properly but things dont look the best right now for u. i think gervinho looks a good signing. but thats all i see thats promising at the mo , and please bare in mind i dont really pay my full attention to u.

      i just hope we can keep modric,bale and vdv otherwise we will be in the same boat of losing our best player

    • What do i reckon Beni??

      1. I talk sh!t? Show me the proof!!!! lol

      2. ANY player that wants to leave Arsenal is a complete muppet IMO. Why would they want to leave the best club in world football for all the money in the world?? ARE THEY INSANE?????

      3. Sure we have lost players and seem to be losing even more but those same players never won Arsenal a thing (apart from Cliche...and he is SH!T!!! And he arguably lost us more than he won us). Getting sick of players whining on about 'not winning things' personally and that their answer seems to be to move to a club that is winning. Are they not the members of the club whose effort would actually win things if they chose to give it??????? Fabregas and Nasri are two of the Prems best players. Both plucked from relative obscurity. Whose to say Wenger has not already found two players of their stature to plug the gaps left by these two crazy fools? He's done it before lets face it.

      4. Arsenal will still be up there at the end of the season (GULP...i bloody hope so anyhow). We still have bags of talent among our ranks and if things get too bad i'm sure Wenger will be on the phone asking me to pull on the Arsenal shirt and show the Prem my legendary skills anyhow.

      Yes Beni......rest assured.....Fabongrass will save the day!

      (Cue many a female licking their lips at the thought of Fab in a pair of shorts, beer belly wobbly and swaying through the centre of the park....Gazza/Merson stylee??? I hope your sitting down upon reading this 'KM').

      5. Our defence is not so 'dodgy' IMO. Our defence seemed to change week in week out last season due to injuries and don't forget we played ALL last season without Vermalean. A more settled back four would make a difference even without adding a new face. That said.......Wenger has stated that the club will be signing a new CB before the end of the transfer window. Apparently Dawson has been spotted outside the Emirates on bended knee literally PLEADING to play in an Arsenal sh!rt....hopefully Wenger has treated him with the contempt he so richly deserves!

    • fab for a gooner who talks a load of sh1t i quite like u .

      but as for the nasri assesment when he scored those goals against fulham i think it was and he was up for goal of the season u gooners were all up shouting how he is amazing , now hes off hes selfish.

      but i do have to say if modric leaves id do the same lol

      u will have to say though that losing fab, nasri, bentdner, clichey and poss eboue( yes i cant spell i know this) is a massive chunk out of the team. losing 4-5 big people with a dodgy defense ui have is gonna hurt.

      i say that if arse dont make the top 4 u should change ur name to dawsfromthelane. what do u reckon lol

    • What wonderful news!

      I have heard Van Persie is also being linked with a move, I know its horribleto laugh at others mis-fortune, but In will probably have a little chuckle at the goons.

      They must sign now, there squd was already weakened, but with no Nasri, no Fab, No Clichy, Eboue on his way, they look weak indeed, especially now Aaron 'glass ankles' Ramsey is injured. Oh dear Goons!

      COYS- fta