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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Aug 12, 2011 21:50 Flag

    fabs gone

    'ere Fab, does that mean you're going to change your name?

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    • i was thinking that too rambro.

      i wouldnt say weak as such but u will have a team of graft but not flair . losing nasri and fab is a major loss. its like us losing modric and bale.

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      • We have the 'flair'.

        Gervinho had the highest assist record in the French league last season for starters and we have that little Japanese bloke who so impressed in Holland waiting in the wings too.

        Fabregas will be missed. As far as i am concerned he is one of the best players on the planet but he hardly played last season anyhow.

        Nasri only racked up ONE assist last season ( which surprised me!) and although a good player he will have less of an effect upon leaving IMO (the greedy little sh!t). Also he hardly shone in the later part of last season.

        These guys say they are leaving to 'win things'.....thing is.....if they put a bit more effort in at Arsenal last season....they would have 'won things'.

        As for me changing my name?

        Hmmmm......nah....i doubt it.......'Fabongrass' is now an icon and bastion of good taste and good sense around these parts and has become far far bigger than a mere play on the name 'Fabregas'. The ladies would literally weep buckets if he dissapeared would they not? (not to mention some strange men also...oh dear!) And we can't be upsetting the ladies.