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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Aug 15, 2011 22:10 Flag

    Keane to La Galaxy

    I should probably leave this thread alone (in case Keane doesn't get a visa)...but that lad's been in my dog house ever since he left to play for his childhood team (no, not the Scottish one...the English one!!). He did very little to get out of it on his (imo) ill-advised return (yeah yeah injuries, few starts blah blah blah)...nope, I'm not a fan (anymore). All the best to him (said that when he went to the Scousers too...didn't really help him, probably because I wasn't sincere)...At least (visa permitting) we've started to unload some of this dead wood...now offer Bentley to Swansea or Norwich and that'll be two.

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    • great news! dont jinx it rambro!

      it will turn out he once wrote his initials on a toilet door which means he will be declined a visa!

      60-70k a week off the wage bill & around 2-3m transfer fee gained.

      keano was actually my 2nd fave spurs player a few yrs ago (behind ledley of course!).

      but he has lost what he has once had so no he was no longer needed at the lane.

      good luck robbie in the U.S of A!

      he is up to his old tricks-
      'I have always wanted to come and play in MLS so it’s the perfect combination for me and a dream come true'.

      i do wonder whether he is taking the mick or does he actually believe it!

      am i meant to believe as a boy he was kicking potatoes about & thought 1 day i want to play in the MLS!

      i like what someone put about keanes remark about USA & dream.

      Live the American drean? We don't have a dream in­ the UK because we're actually awake."

      no offence rambro & the other yankie spurs fans!