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  • lts lts Aug 16, 2011 12:35 Flag

    Reduced Football Diet

    Hi Rambro, if you have access to a PC you could try these links. Not always brilliant but can get some of the games on there.
    or try
    Good hunting.

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    • the best I find is freefootball.org...then click MyP2P link...click live sports, then football, then the game you want to watch...its best to watch on a stream with a low Bitrate i.e 175..210 ect as opposed to one of 500 or above....this site covers every major game, so even the Hearts game will be shown...most streams are usually 10-15 seconds behind life time.....dont know if its any useful imformation to anyone, but just thought I'd post

    • Cheers lts...I went the streaming route for the Tour De France thsi summer also (and a few other bits and pieces...funnily enough on EuroSport). I'll be checking all and sundry...the trick is not to chose one that sucks your computer dry of information (spyware, malware, worms and viruses). So if those ones you mentioned work for you, then I'll be giving them a shot.
      I'm going to invest in a mobile hotspot, because in addition to the meager TV offerings in the habitat the internet's not hi-speed either (good lor- I can't wait for November!)

      KM - ESPN in the US carries all the Monday games, so its just a matter of being home to watch (the closest pub that shows the games is in my part of town, but I don't want to beg off work and get caught boozing in a pub watching football!!