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  • Certainly looks like Lukas had his last game for us, managers always have excuses with injuries and this is no exception all of a sudden he has a groin strain he has been perfectly fine until know having played no game on Saturday, you can bet your botton dollar should he sign for Chelsea any time now he will be straight into the team and no problems. I have always said if a player wants to go let him do so, the fact that part of the deal includes Benyouan and Kalou only increases our wage bill, i would say on this instance stick out for the 35 million i like Benyouan but very injury prone as for Kalou i personally dont fancy him.
    Also if Modric did play on Thursday and then moved to Chelsea he would not be able to play in the Champions League.

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    • Gray, have you been peeping at my posts...I said the same thing...Berba out, couple seasons later we make the CL (the thing he couldn't wait for us to get...and when he went he was a big Euro flop, culminating in the joint top scorer of the league not even making the bench in the CL Final..."how ya like me now?".

      If Modric wants to go, let him go...but not for 30 pieces of silver (Judas reference...I actually never use that term...it's all business in the end...even Sol C)...but for 35 large. All those saying 30 mil plus Sturridge need their heads tested...you're rating Sturridge at 5 mil?? I bet if we or anyone else for that matter tried to buy him out right they'd be paying what we paid for Bent...or more! (Unless those same folk are underselling Modric's worth).
      Best bet is...make it an all money deal (however they want to work it)...get Adebayor in (only because they're saying its iminent, not because I want him) and get Diarra and maybe a Cahill/Jagielka/Samba to partner Dawson in the middle of defense...then we have a solid spine to the team...with options when Sandro gets back and of course when all the other CB's are fit.

      I'm not taking that practice match at Hearts to er, heart; they gave it a good go for a few minutes in the second half (what's up with us and corners...United must've been licking their lips watching that)...anyway, point is, we do need to push on and to do that we need to improve the squad and the team, so we've got to capitalise if Modric goes...times a-wasting.

    • LTS,

      I don't have them to hand, however I have been informed reliably, that we won more games without Luka in the team and we conceded less.

      Stats can be misleading, but I think you'll find that on statictically we are better without him! I'd rather keep him though!

      Stats can be easily manipulated.


    • Any statisticians out there who can tell me the games with Modric playing and those without, points won/lost, goals scored/conceded by the team. Be interesting to see the percentages for and against Modric's involvement. I know quality of the opposition would count too but would give a pointer towards how much influence he actually had on last season.

    • Naturally we are all gonna get defensive over Modric.
      However SB is right, do you really want to keep him if he doesn't want to be there? Are we forgetting where we ended up last season WITH Modric??
      And where Chelsea finished with Kalou and Benayouan?? I know Benayouan didn't play much.
      As for us being a feeder club does that mean Man U are because they lost Ronaldo to Real? Arsenal are because they lost Fabregas? Liverpool - Torres??
      We shouted our heads off when we lost Berba but then finished 4th without him!!

      Sorry, but 1 player does not a team make.

    • kentish, id hate to be around u if we accept a bid for dawson lol.

      i understand your anger/annoyance etc.
      i feel modric is our best & most important player so we should do are upmost to keep him.

      but if chelsea pay the going rate which seems to be around 35m & modric is desperate to leave than it would be a huge gamble to force modric to stay.

      my hope is that chelsea carry on taking the mick with their low bids. then we can say to modric, chelsea arent offering what u are worth so we can't sell u even if we wanted to.

      if chelsea offer 35m i do believe levy will sell.

      levy saying modric is not for sale is probably to make a point that we will only sell if we get a very high bid.

      iv not given up hope yet because chelsea have been unusally very low in their bids which are usually sky high. 50m for an injury prone & out of form torres proves this.

      essien is a no go. he probably wont play again this season.
      he has kept getting major injuries over the last few yrs & this is resulted in him being a shadow of himself.
      i was a huge fan of essien but his injuries has taken it out of him.

      sturiddge is the only realistic player we could get but its still highly unlikely they would let him go.

      maybe they will try for 30m & sturridge on loan for a yr.

      hopefully levy stays firm at 35m as that is the going rate for him.

      iv got modric as my profile pic for luck that he will stay!

    • Its more a point of how much Chelski want Luka , as Sturridge was on loan last year anyway so is not in their current team anyway.
      I believe that we should chose who we take as makeweight in any deal and so give Chelski the choice £30m + sturridge or David Luiz

    • NO..In any case, Essien is also injured and is expected to be out a lot longer than Sandro

    • Assuming that Luka will be at the Chavs withing 2 weeks!

      After reading many posts, our preferred trade option would be Sturridge + significant ££, however that seems unlikely due to the fact h'es good and looks like he could be great. Would Essien be unrealistic?

      I know... another CM, but if Wilson goes tut' Stoke and Sandro is injured, we have one (kinda) defensively minded CM in Hudds (unless Livermore warrents 1st team?) surely we need anothetr option there? Essien has had a slight drop in form and I know there were wispers at the Chavs about his departure, is he an option for us?

      If Luka has to go and Sturridge is off limits, I'd take Essien +£££ for the little judas!

      This is assuming Luka is going and that Las Diarra isn't happening.

      What would others think, or is this specualtion too far?!


    • KM, nobody wants him to go. We all liked the little maestro. But it's inevitable. I take your point about Yossi and Sol, if a player exchange is to be part of the deal, it should be for someone we NEED...like Sturridge or Anelka. For me, either of those two would sugar-coat a very bitter pill! But the two on offer - no thanks! That would be as bad as taking David Jenkins for Jimmy Robertson!

    • Sorry, it was a bit of a rant wasn't it - though nonetheless from the heart.

      Having just paid a serious wedge of dosh for a season ticket this year I want to be able to watch our midfield maestro (and the fans' player of the season) in our colours every home game, not just once a year in Chav blue :-(

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