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  • john john Aug 17, 2011 15:15 Flag

    Harry and England

    Does anyone else think the fact that Harry has said he will take the England job if offered, is affecting our transfer spending? Levy ( board ) are hardly likely to sanction big money move's, if they know a new manager will be coming in next season, and will want more money for their own choice of player's, so perhap's that's one reason we are looking at loan signing's rather than spending big on Harry's target's ( if he has any, because I get feeling he doesnt really know who he really want's, apart from Parker ). The thing is he has never had to buy player's of a high calibre, for a top club, just good, steady player's to keep a club in the PL, and I often think he's out of his comfort zone...so as much as we fan's can see what's needed, perhap's these sort of issue's are relevant...thought's?

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