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  • Robert Robert Aug 17, 2011 16:26 Flag

    Harry and England

    I agree. Hurry up and F&&k off Harry.

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    • We haven't kicked a ball yet.., poor 'arry! God knows how it's going to be when we lose a game. His hands are tied by a wage ceiling, which I don't think will be raised even for a new manager. I think we are trying to live within our means, like the country, and the pips are squeaking!

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      • Not a bad thing living within your means.

        But I reckon that Levy is being a bit canny with the purchases because he doesn't know how long 'arry has left.

        Harry is in court soon which has a possibility of a custodial sentence and has been widely linked with the England job and has publicly stated that he would take it if offered.

        So maybe the board are hedging their bets. If that is the case I don't know why they didn't replace Harry this summer, although i suspect it may have something to do with compensation.

        Either way Ade baby ain't a bad move if the long streak of piss can hold the ball up and develop play, which is what the team was sorely lacking last term.

        Games people play eah. It ain't all football ya know.