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  • john john Aug 19, 2011 13:43 Flag

    What, no comments about Hearts?

    I was going to make the same point as Nick..whilst you can only play what's before you, and the whole team played lovely football..( except Pav Imo )...the most telling part of the game was the first 10 minute's of the second half. as soon as we came under a bit of pressure, our passing went all other the place....Kranjcar is a good player to watch when he has time and space to play, but he could'nt be a first choice cm in the PL. he's the sort of player that's good to have on the bench, but he obviously isnt happy to be a squad player.....thats why to me Modric is so important to us, as he's the only player we have who can get the ball in any part of the pitch, and keep it whilst under pressure, and if he does go then we must get someone who can keep hold of the ball, because that's what we lack in our other midfielders...the other thing I would say is we need someone like Samba who can get his head to the ball from corners...no frills, just solid defending....all in all the youngster's looked promising..its a question of do we want to win the europa league, or play them and just see how far we can get, while they gain experience for the future,,,,simular to the arse, they played youngster's in cup game's and ended up trophy less, or do we go strong and try to win?