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  • Nick Nick Aug 19, 2011 15:05 Flag

    What, no comments about Hearts?

    Graeme playing against a woeful team and looking good is not hard and the good play should be ignored.

    Playing against a woeful team and looking shakey should not be ignored.

    As I said in my post, had that been Man U we would have had that pressure for a full 90 min, how whould we have coped then? Would be a slightly different game eh?

    Have to take things as face value, it was a very easy win but still highlighted Spurs ongoing problems

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    • i for one and glad we beat hearts by such a big score, its the perfect warm up after not playing the everton game. gioves walker a chance to play a proper gamne with us and gel.

      thought niko looked good, made up with the 2 young lads in midfield , great goal by livermore. daffy looked a bit sharper then last season, and bale was charginf in.,

      lets hope with a nice little confidence boost we can hurt man utd.