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  • Jlock Jlock Aug 19, 2011 09:46 Flag

    What, no comments about Hearts?

    Surprised to see no one has made any comments.

    I thought that some of the football in the first half was the best I've seen us play. OK, they let us play, but still it was a joy to watch.
    AND for the first time in ages we seemed to have a cutting edge in that final 3rd. It wasn't just about playing pretty football - there was an actual end result.

    It was good to see Niko (why don't they sing the Biko song for him?) enjoying himself in the middle and none of Walker, Livermore and Townsend looked out of place.

    A very good overall team performance (I won't go into the negatives) and great to see a spread of goalscorers.

    I doubt if Utd will give us the same time and space, but we've deserved a result up there since Jol's time. So why not?

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    • Problem was, they were a crap side that pressed us for 5 min after the break and we could not cope with it.

      Imagine if that was a premier league side, we would have been under it for 90 min and lost.

      I'm sorry but I cant take anything good from that win as n my mind it showed up just how week we are when faced with a tiny bit of pressure

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      • Nick,
        OK, but what was your prediction before the game?
        I saw a couple of our supporters on Sky before the game, and they were happy if we got an away goal. I thought, given that it was our first game that we could slip up.

        Surely, irrespective of how Hearts played, the win itself means 'arry can:
        1) field the strongest team possible against Utd without having to worry about the return leg and
        2) use more of the squad in the return leg, semi-safe in the knowledge that the tie is all but won.

        Look to the positives. Great football, great result, great run out for the likes of the 'youths' and a chance to see how Niko could fit.

      • Lovely silky football, but I doubt we'll replicate that against Man U.

    • I am absolutely staggered. We are the single most negative supporters in the football league.
      Hearts had a little run of 3 corners during which the ball pinballed around the 6 yard box for a bit. They put us under pressure for all of 5 minutes, other than that we played some sublime football, opened them up, made near-pefectly timed runs, got in behind them and generally ran them ragged. We were ruthless in front of goal and took the chances well. Aparently thats not enough?

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      • Graeme playing against a woeful team and looking good is not hard and the good play should be ignored.

        Playing against a woeful team and looking shakey should not be ignored.

        As I said in my post, had that been Man U we would have had that pressure for a full 90 min, how whould we have coped then? Would be a slightly different game eh?

        Have to take things as face value, it was a very easy win but still highlighted Spurs ongoing problems

      • You're right it was a great performance, but Hearts were piss poor and hardly posed a threat. I am very optimistic about this team however, we have some really exciting young talent in our squad and hopefully with Modric back in the team along with Diarra and dare i say it Adebayor, will strengthen this squad no end! COYS

    • I made a comment in the "my line-up" thread. Past that, not much else to say. We did the job and I hope this season we take that "go get 'em" when we're playing in the rainy NW or cold NE in the ugly end of the season against some team we deem beneath us.

      Let's face it, you go 1-0 up in 5 minutes in a game where away goals count double, you've already invited the opposition to come at you...this gave Krancjar acres of space and bags of time to do what he does best...carve defenses up. There was a lot of slick one touch play by us, but again, they really didn't have a clue how to set up and make us think about making those kinds of moves.

      I don't think we're that negative, it was what it was, us (men) taking advantage of them (boys) that way it should be (and that I can definitely take as a positive as there's been many times when we should have, but didn't.

      5 minutes of the kind of pressure Hearts put us under in the 2nd half, on Monday and its a whole different ball game. Then there'll be Rooney's and Berbatov's and even Owen's in the box and I doubt that they'll be so forgiving. Niko wont have the space he enjoyed Thursday, maybe Modric will play his last game for us there (as Nasri probably played for the Goons today...oh dear, what a game). Anyway, without the preferred CB partnership starting for Manure, we have a inkling of a chance (as long as 'arry doesn't have the team sit back and invite them on looking to counter...hasn't worked in the past and probably wont work on Monday!