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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Aug 21, 2011 21:55 Flag

    modric wont play against man utd

    according to sky sports modders wont play against man utd and chelsea have signed mata and still want modders.

    so looks like a berba situation all over again. so he decides he wont play but yet hes such a great guy.


    ok i feel better now and yes twat is a little harsh and i think modric is class and would play him every game. but we all saw the berba effect and i think its goona hurt us.

    sell him bring in diarra ,play livermore more and then sort out a top striker. what doesnt harry understand. ok as talked about we dont play the wages of man utd or city but surely there is some one out there that fits our bill .

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    • Technically speaking the Chavs haven't done anything wrong Berkshire - more's the pity. They haven't gone behind our backs and talked to Modric or his agent - they've come straight to us with their derisory bids.

      I believe Levy will stand firm on this having be done over by the Berbasulk business. He needs to make a point and has to tell 'Arry to shut his trap and toe the company line. Bugger all this Modric's head is not in the right place lark. Play him v Hearts on Thursday and show him we mean business. If he refuses to play then he's in breach of contract and should be fined. I fully expect Modric to be a Spurs player on 1 September.

      As for the money, haven't a clue where that is - but I'm sure Levy will use it in the transfer market where he can.

    • very true not blonde nut can we take that risk on the little bastard coming round half through the season? or banish him to the reserves for the rest of the season and have his value plummit?

      Levy's stance has been week yes he has constantly said no the player is not for sale but why hasn't he reported chelsea to the FA? surely thats the next thing you would do when the second bid came in if you were serious about not letting him go?

      Where has all the money gone? we got £13,600,000 for finishing fourth £17,000,000 for the champions league £1,200,00 from the domestic cups so thats roughly £31.2 million then i again ask WHERE HAS IT GONE? why have we suddendly got no money to spoend without selling players? something is not right somewhere.

      Has it found its way into Arry's offshore bank account?

    • Isn't it funny how we all see the same situation in different ways... This refusing to play milarkey not only makes me not want to sell him, but makes me more determined than ever to keep him. 'Arry shouldn't just cup tie him against Hearts, but he should bring him on as a sub at the last possible moment so he has no chance to contribute - positively or negatively - to the game. Then let's see if his poor little diva's "in the right place" for the Citeh game.

      Playing dirty tactics is disgusting, and that, coupled with Levy's strong position earlier this summer, means he absolutely can't fold. I also don't believe Modric's the type of player to sulk for half the season, I think he'll man up and get over it. I like to think Levy's silence is because, as far as he's concerned, he's said all there is to say already...

    • Sell Sell Sell the little bastard is as much use to use now as a chocolate fireguard.

      I had a feeling right from the start that Arry and Levy were split on letting him go Arry has made several comments hinting he was for sale at the right price and then Levy saying over his dead body.

      I have to ask if the comment "over my dead body" was a serious one from Levy then why has he not reported Chelsea to the FA for constantly making bids for the little bastard after stating he was not for sale, IMHO i belive Levy has been holding out for 35 Mill+ from the start but chelsea know they can now hold us to ransom as the window is drawing near the end and we are running out of time to strengthen the squad just look at how Levy handled the berbatov transfer to manure he just rolled over and and done what he was told by fergie and now he is having his pants pulled down again over the little bastard.

      I firmly belive Levy and Arry are both partly to blame for the situation what is truely going on behind closed door's? why does Arry leave all the transfers to Levy? what kind of manager is Arry not to tell the chairman what players he wants?

      Most of all i truely Belive Arry and Levy have taken us as far as they can and its time for a change i have grown sick and tired of both of them enough is enough its time for a change.

      Sorry for the rant fellow yids but my blood is boiling over the whole affair we the supporters are being mugged off again.

    • Sticking out for whatever the "going rate" is might not be an option. Come the end of Aug we either take what is on the table or have a useless little lump playing in the reserves. Chelsea know that (especially now they have Mata) and Modric knows it.

      Anyway the "going rate" is a mix of whatever the buying club is prepared to offer and what the selling club have to accept because the player refuses to be fair. In this case Modric is pushing to leave and therefore our hands might be tied.

    • i say sell him he has no respect for the club or us fans it goes to show once again the strength of player power and how the contracts they sign are not worth the paper they are printed on.

      Give someone who wants to play for the club a chance kranjaer has been outstanding pre-season bring him and use the modric money to get a couple of qaulity signings in

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      • Up until now I was hoping Modric would change his mind and stay but if it is true, and he has said he won't play against Manure, then get him out ASAP. It will be a great loss, he is a great player, but if he is adamant he wants out then he is of no use to us.

        Letting it drag on would be of no real benefit. Yes we might (might) get a couple of more mill but the damage that wait could cause might be worth more than that.

        Move on. get a couple in that want to play for us and that add strength to the squad. We all know we need a proven scorer and Kranjcar and Livermore look good enough to fill some of the space left by Modric.

        Bye bye croat turncoat. From what I saw of Chelski at the weekend, you might be joining a tired, over the hill outfit that wins nothing anyway. That would be justice in itself.

    • Selling would send the wrong message Beni. Regardless of whether his head's not right, Levy has made such a firm and unequivocal stand over this that backing down now will just confirm that player power rules and we're a pushover. Cue the rest of our stars agitating for a move elsewhere knowing we'll roll over for wads of cash. However, all Levy surely needs to do is remind Modric that he signed a 6-year contract last year.

      Chavski should be reported to the FA for tapping up as this is has been so blatant, especially when not that long ago Modric had said in an interview how happy he was at Spurs and wanted to help get us back into the CL. However, the spineless FA won't do anything for fear of upsetting Abramovich, more's the pity, though you can bet your bottom dollar that if the boot was on the other foot they'd be down on us like a ton of bricks.

      As for bringing in other players, I don't know why 'Arry keeps trotting out the line that any money from selling Modric will allow us to bring in 3 or 4 quality players - those players aren't exactly queueing up to break down the door to WHL are they?

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      • Well said Kentish Maid, I'm with you on this one!... if modders goes, in time the rest will follow. If he stays we gain credibility, respect and our status as a top contender will remain. COYS

      • I say if he goes no big deal. At least then we won't faff around playing Barca ball and letting the game revolve around the selfish little shetin Modric has turned into. (Using us as a stepping stone for Chelsea).

        We have players such as Huddlestone, Kranjcar, VDV and even Townsend who all playmake and set up goals from just behind the strikers. All of which actually get straight to the point and we score more without Luka.

        Good riddance, Bale said we'll all keep going even if he does leave, which gives me hope that the team will NOT fall apart, but Top 4 is vital...

        COYS, we can do this tonight, we need Kaboul and Dawson to have a terrific game, and Daffy to score against United.

    • Lets get rid now and buy a striker with the cash. He is massively overated anyway.