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  • john john Aug 22, 2011 13:17 Flag

    Modric out, Adebayour & Samba in

    I totally agree...Normally, you would say ok,you dont want to play for us then go, but it's important to look at the bigger picture...The position were in at the moment, we are so close to challenge the like's of the chav's..arse..pool..mainly because we have serious quality in Modric..Bale..Sandro,,VdV and it's quality that get's you anywhere at the end of the day..so we could bring in other's who could do a good job, but wont have the star factor, and we'll end up anywhere from 10th to 5th then you lose Bale..Sandro come Januarys window, because they know they just have to say, " let me go or I wont play "...So now's the time to make a massive statement to our player's that the club will not roll over...Because Modric is on a low wage compared to other's of his quality, its not going to hurt us that much, considering the wage's wer've been paying for King and Woody for not playing for the past few season's...It then give's Harry time to sort Modric out, by saying if he give's us a solid season, try he's best for us..then If he still wants to leave, then fair enough......We cant buy ready made quality, and unless we find a gem, this push to join the elite will fade.....So while we dont want anyone who doesnt want to play for us, Its more than about one player....Modric must stay....for now...

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    • Thank you Remmah, I'm glad somebody agrees. It's the only logical solution... If we let Modric leave the team will fall to pieces and we'll be back at square one.
      We have great talent at Spurs and some fantastic youngsters, we owe it to them to show some desire and ambition. Selling Modric will have such a knock on effect and will only breed contempt among such a promising bunch of players.